Worried about WPServeur Suspending your Website?

Sep 6, 2018

Worried about WPServeur Suspending your Website?

Sep 6, 2018

When WPServeur, your web host, suspends your website and the fruit of all your labors is nowhere to be found online, it is quite easy to slip into a panic mode.. Web hosts suspend accounts for several reasons. The most common reasons for a suspended account are as follows:

  • Overdue payments
  • Overuse of the server
  • Abuse of the Terms of Use

In such circumstances, it is in your best interest to speak with your web host straightforwardly and immediately. You can request them to send you the details of what needs be done to recover your site. In case you had a late payment installment due, once you make the payment, your website will be back up online.

web host account suspension

If your website is utilizing excessive server resources, you will be requested to settle the issue. Sometimes, you cannot control the load since you are receiving enormous amounts of traffic from all over the internet. In the last case, you will just need to endure the suspension and shift to a managed web host.

Abuse of the terms of service includes:

Under these situations, WPServeur suspends your website and is pending investigation. Once the investigation is completed your site may be:

  • Re-enabled
  • Terminated permanently

If you don’t want your account terminated permanently, and want your website back online, you need to get it re-enabled.

This is what WPServeur says in their Terms and Conditions about what exactly constitutes abuse.


2 possibilities: what are the responsibilities of each party?

1- The site contains malicious files dating from before the migration on WPServer:

==> The responsibility of piracy remains the responsibility of the customer


2- You site is hosted at WPServeur, the site is hacked:

==> You inform us by support ticket of this hacking

==> Checks are put in place by our team:

* WordPress version

* Extensions / plugins

* Themes


3 Solutions:

a / Your version of WordPress, the extensions / plugins, the themes are up to date and the WPServer security mu-plugins are active: We investigate the why of hacking and we proceed to the free repair and cleaning of your site.

b / Your version of WordPress, extensions / plugins, themes are not up to date and / or WPServeur Mu-plugins were not active: You are responsible for hacking, we will suspend your WordPress and we will ask you to clean your website, update your WordPress in its entirety.

c / You have asked us to make changes to allow the use of extension (s): You are responsible for piracy, we will ask you to clean your site, update your WordPress in its entirety, the requested modification will be removed.

Here’s how you can use MalCare to handle this situation, get your web host account re-enabled, and your website back online.:

MalCare Scan

With MalCare’s 100 signal malware analysis, you are alerted of every risk, so you can act before it’s too late, like before your host blocks you, or worse, Google blacklists you. The remote scanning feature ensures there is Zero load on your server, so that your website is fast, smooth, and responsive – just the way you like it.

MalCare Clean

With security, timing is everything. MalCare automated 1-click cleanup needs no human intervention, you’re never waiting on technical support or losing precious time. Cleaning all the infected scripts is important. You don’t want your web host finding the malware on your site once again.

This is probably the most important part of this post. Now that you have cleaned up your site, it is extremely IMPORTANT that you take steps to beef up the security so that a situation where  WPServeur is suspending your site will not happen again. Securing your website may sound complicated and you may be unsure how to accomplish this, but we have great news for you.

MalCare Protection

MalCare’s Web Application Firewall is always on – to ensure that your site is always protected from bots, malicious attacks and hacks. The advanced Login protection ensures that only authorized users can access your site while the inbuilt website hardening features fortify your site for that next level security.

Update MalCare Site Management

MalCare doubles up as your go-to place for all your website management needs. Whether it is updating plugins and themes, WordPress Core or assigning roles for users for your website, it’s all here, MalCare will handle complete website management for you

BlogVault Backup

Complete, timely, and reliable backups consistently prove to be the backbone of your WordPress websites – a safety net that your website can fall to at all times. With BlogVault’s unlimited backups, you’ll never have to worry about a crashed site again. That’s not all – BlogVault runs its backups on its own servers, so your website is light, quick, and responsive.

Easy Site Hardening Technique With MalCare

From simple measures like securing files and folders to complex operations like blocking  PHP execution in untrusted folders, controlling plugin installations, or changing security keys, resetting passwords, and more from the convenience of the MalCare dashboard.

Don’t forget to change all your associated credentials strong usernames, passwords.

Try MalCare for better peace of mind.

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