Guaranteed 100% WordPress Malware Removal. Without breaking your website.

Get 3X your money back if we cannot remove your malware.

Guaranteed 100% WordPress Malware Removal. Without breaking your website.

Get 3X your money back if we cannot remove your malware.

Pricing Plans To Suit Every Need

Unlimited Cleanups With Every Plan. Upgrade any time from one plan to another

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The Biggest Agencies Trust MalCare for Website Security

Several of my client sites got hacked. Within the hour I signed up, the customer service has gone above and beyond for me and all my sites have been cleaned thoroughly and quickly.

Yardena Epstein
Owner, YardenaWeb

MalCare notified me there was an issue with malware on one of my sites. I used the one-click cleanup button, and the malware was completely removed after MalCare went into action. Quick and painless.

Michael Jordan
Website Owner

Our Features

All Security Plans Include


Daily automatic Scans

Automatically Secure and Protect Websites from hacks and virus in a Single Dashboard

Deep Malware Scan

Find Complex WordPress Malware that go undetected in other security plugins. Algorithms that go beyond signature matching.

One-Click Malware Clean

Now, clean your hacked WordPress website in a click without waiting for hours and human errors.

Most Effective Firewall

Block bad IPs and malware bots from entering your WordPress website. Reap the benefits from Day 1.

Brute Force Attack Prevention

Automatic Login protection from hackers or bots powered with a powerful captcha system.

In-built WordPress Site Hardening

Secure your WordPress site in a click by enabling the recommended WordPress Security best practices.

Minimal False Alarms

No more unnecessary panic. We raise an alert only when we are 100% sure of a WordPress virus on your website.

Manage Plugins, Themes & Users

Centrally update all Plugins, Themes, and WordPress Core to effortlessly manage multiple WordPress websites.

Tracks Smallest File Changes

Changes in every File, Table, Comment, Page and Plugins are automatically tracked so you save hours of debugging.

Real-time Email Alerts

We will be your sidekick. Get notified via email when something needs your attention.

White-label To Growth

Re-brand the WordPress plugin or hide it completely from your website. Be the only face customers know. We’ll handle the rest.

One Minute Auto-Install

Literally takes less than 60 seconds to set up, get ready and protect your WordPress website from malware and hackers.

Go Beyond Signature Matching

We use 100+ Intelligent Signals & go beyond signature matching to detect even the most complex WordPress malware & virus.

Team Play Is Fun

Work closely with your Team and Clients for a faster WordPress site Management.

24/7 Support

We are with you every step of the way. We aren’t saying it, our customers are.

Why Choose MalCare?

Scanner that will NEVER slow down your website.

Malware scan runs offsite on MalCare servers

Detects malware missed by other plugins

Scans Complete website and not just parts

Daily and On-Demand automatic malware scans

Minimal false alarms with timely email alerts

malcare scanner

Fix a Hacked Website Instantly in <60 Seconds.

Fully automated 1-Click malware removal

No more waiting for hours or days to clean

Complete hack and backdoor removal

No technical knowledge needed to clean site

Surgical removal of malware without breaking site

Real-time Protection with our Smart Firewall.

Plugin based firewall with login protection

Real-time update to all firewall rules

Collective network intelligence to reduce damage

Real time Geo and IP blocking

In-built Website hardening best practices

Finally, A Security Solution for Everyone

Ridiculously easy to set up and use

Get set up and ready to use in 60 seconds

Sign up. Install Plugin. Done.

No technical knowledge needed to secure site

Satisfaction Guaranteed

1-Click Instant Malware Removal

MalCare is the only WordPress malware removal plugin that offers one-click automatic malware removal within 60 seconds.

3x Money Back Guarantee

Get 3 times your money back if we cannot
remove malware from your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan should I choose?
Depending on the number of sites you want to secure using MalCare, you can choose between: 1. Personal (up to 1 site), 2. Business (up to 5 sites), 3. Developer (up to 20 sites) and, 4. Agency plans (up to 100 sites).
Can I purchase two or more plans?
Yes. Please do remember to use different email addresses when subscribing to different plans.
Can I pay through PayPal?
If you want to use PayPal, please contact us at or leave us a message here.
I signed up and paid, what do I do now?
After signing up and paying, you can start using MalCare. We have a Help Document to assist you in getting started.
Can I cancel my MalCare account whenever I want?
Yes. Although we are sad to see you go, you can cancel you MalCare account whenever you want.
Can I cancel automatic renewals or my MalCare subscription?
Yes. To cancel automatic renewals you will need to cancel your MalCare account.
Can you lower the prices?
MalCare is the first fully automatic WordPress malware scanning and cleaning plugin. It was developed after analyzing over 240,000 websites.

  • It uses 100+ signals to identify a malware and provides an instant one-click malware removal feature. Unlike other Security Plugins, with MalCare you can clean your website as many times as you want. We don’t charge you every time you want to clean your site.
  • MalCare’s firewall identifies and blocks malicious traffic before they access your website, saving it from brute force attacks, hackers, bot and the rest.
  • We are sure you appreciate making an investment for the sake of keeping your website safe from a hack. We urge you to please take a look at our feature page.
Is there a refund policy?
Yes. Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase and will be issued in case we were not able to detect or clean your malware. Otherwise, you can cancel the account, but a refund will not be provided.
What types of payment do you accept?
We accept Credit Card payment. We use Stripe which is one of the safest modes of credit card transaction. Right now, we only accept payments online. We will not be able to accept purchase orders over the phone.
What about a free plan?
We have a free version available on the WordPress plugin repository. It Scans your WordPress site and secures it with Firewall and Log in Protection.
How do I purchase MalCare?
You can purchase MalCare from the pricing page. Based on your requirements, choose a suitable plan and Get Started.
What if my credit card is declined?
There are a few reasons why a credit card may be declined on our payment page. The most common reason is that the credit card number, or CVV, or expiration date are incorrectly typed. Please try again, and enter all the details carefully. If you need further assistance, drop us a mail at
Is there a setup fee?
There are no setup fee for any of our plans. Take a look at MalCare’s setup procedure.
Can I upgrade or downgrade anytime?
Yes. Kindly refer to our guide on how to upgrade or downgrade your plan.
What if my Credit card was declined?
There are a few reasons why your credit card may be declined on our payment page. The most common reason is that the credit card number, CVV, or expiration date that was entered is incorrect.
Can I change the Credit card linked to my MalCare account?
Yes. Please take a look at this guide on changing your credit card associated to your MalCare account..

Feel free to contact MalCare Support for further help if needed. We will do whatever we can to make sure your account is created successfully, and your websites are on their way to being protected!

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