If you have a house, you’d protect it to the best of your ability. The security measures you take, are meant to protect your initial investment. And, also safeguarding future potential. For instance, if you want to sell the house later, you’d get a good price if it was maintained well. You should have the same approach with your WordPress website.

Whether you are running a blog, or an e-commerce store, or a membership site – your website is an investment. You need to protect it in the best way possible. While there are many security measures that you can take, using a security plugin is your best bet.

After careful consideration, we have found 10 best plugins for site security.

But before we take you through the best WordPress security plugins, let’s look at why it’s necessary to have a security plugin.

Why Use a WordPress Security Plugin?

Security of a WordPress website is dependant on 3 things –

    • Web host security
    • WordPress security
    • Security of themes & plugins

All of them offer some kind of security to your WordPress website but it’s not enough. Here’s why –

1. Web Host Security

Most WordPress hosting providers will tell you to install a security plugin. You’ll have to choose a security plugin they have partnered with. And for that, you’ll need to pay extra. Any security measures that they have in place is to protect their own infrastructure. It’s not designed to protect websites. You may opt for a secure host but it’s not equipped to protect your website from intrusion.

2. WordPress Security

WordPress itself is a safe platform. Developers of the core are responsible for building new technologies. It helps reduce the risk of a security breach. The team hires the best programmers and follows the best security practices. WordPress invites users to take part in Bug Bounty Programs. WordPress encourages users to find security flaws in the core and inform the team about it. There hasn’t been any major security issue in the WordPress core for many years. The core is secure but WordPress does not work in isolation. A WordPress site consists of other software like plugins and themes.

3. Security of Themes & Plugins

WordPress themes and plugins are partly why WordPress is so popular. They make it easy to build a website. But unfortunately, they are a source of security concern too. We have investigated hundreds of thousands of hacked websites. And 95% were hacked because of vulnerable plugins and themes.

Due to the platform’s popularity, many plugins and themes are being developed. But many of these are built without considering the security risks. WordPress is a competitive field. In the race to stay on top, developers often build plugins in the shortest time. The result? Quality control processes are often overlooked causing vulnerabilities to creep into the software.

Due to these shortcomings, it’s better to rely on security plugins to safeguard your WordPress sites.

A security plugin will scan, clean and protect your website 24×7. But there are dozens of security plugins for WordPress. All of them claim to make your site more secure. With so many options available, which one is for you?

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After carefully considering dozens of security plugins, we have made a list of the top 10. Let’s have a look –

Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins Compared

1. MalCare Security Plugin


MalCare security plugin

MalCare dashboard


The plugin was built after analyzing over 240,000 websites and took over two years to develop. It is the fastest malware detection and removal tool in the market. MalCare supports thousands of developers, agencies as well as single-site owners. Under MalCare’s protection, they never have to worry about getting hacked. They are safe from Google blacklisting as well as suspension from their hosting company.

MalCare’s powerful WordPress malware scanner accurately identifies new and complex malware. Such malicious codes typically go undetected with other popular plugins. Moreover, the scanner will never slow down your site while running its processes. Its one-click cleaner is the only instant WordPress malware removal tool. It helps you can clean your website on your own.

MalCare’s powerful in-built firewall offers real-time protection. It ensures that your website is being protected round-the-clock. The plugin offers advance Site Hardening measures that are recommended by WordPress.

Its complete site management module helps you manage many websites from a single dashboard. And a premium white-labeling solution that lets agencies provide better security to their clients. That too without risking their business.

With MalCare, you’d be instantly notified if there’s anything wrong with your website. For instance, if your website is experiencing downtime, you can reply to MalCare’s Uptime Monitoring. It’ll alert you about it enables you to take prompt action.

Slow websites are universally hated. MalCare will regular Performance Checks on your website so that you don’t have to.

Core Features:

    • Automatic, Daily and On-Demand deep malware scanner
    • Offsite malware scanning that doesn’t overload your server
    • Instant & Unlimited automated malware removal
    • Intelligent plugin based Firewall
    • Captcha based Login Protection
    • Apply website security Hardening
    • Site Management including Plugin, theme and user updates
    • White Labelling
    • Client Reporting
    • Performance & uptime monitoring

Price: Starts from $99 per year for 1 site and includes Unlimited Malware Removal

2. Sucuri


Sucuri security plugin

Sucuri dashboard


It’s a popular all-in-one security service provider. With Sucuri you can run a security scan, clean and protect your website. The plugin regularly scans your website looking for common infections like backdoors, and phishing. It alerts you if Google blacklists your site. It also offers remedial actions that you can take to secure your WordPress site.

When a hack is detected, the team will remove the malicious code. Once the cleanup process is complete, they’ll restore your site back to normal. With Sucuri’s cloud-based web application firewall, your website is protected against malicious traffic.

Sucuri enables you to take further security measures. For instance, there’s password protection, CAPTCHA protection, 2-factor authentication, etc.

You can optimize your website performance with Sucuri’s website speed optimization feature. The plugin allows you to choose from different caching options. It enables you to optimize your site speed.

Core Features:

    • Malware Scanning
    • File Integrity Monitoring
    • Blacklist Monitoring
    • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
    • Real-time DDoS attacks mitigation
    • 2-Factor Authentication
    • Site Speed & Performance Optimization

Price: Starts from $199.99 per year for 1 site

3. WordFence Security


Wordfence security plugin dashboard

Wordfence dashboard


The plugin offers robust login security measures and powerful hack recovery tools. It comes with an endpoint firewall that runs on your web server. It provides better protection against malicious traffic. Moreover, the firewall is constantly upgraded. Any new kind of attack is recorded and made into a firewall rule. The website firewall suite includes tools to protect against brute force attempts. For instance, you can use country blocking to keep bad traffic from accessing your site.

The malware scanner scans the core and plugins and themes. It looks for common security threats like backdoors, SEO spam, etc.

In case your site is hacked, the plugin will clean your website. They’ll also investigate vulnerabilities that enabled the hacker’s entry. Then they’ll offer an in-depth report on the investigation and removal. The report enables the site owner to understand the health of his website. And take precautionary measures to prevent future attacks.

Core Features:

    • Web Application Firewall
    • Two-Factor Authentication
    • Country blocking
    • Brute Force Protection
    • Live Traffic Monitoring

Price: Starts from $99.00 per year for 1 site

4. iThemes


iThemes security plugin

iThemes dashboard


iThemes offers you over 30 impressive ways to prevent intrusion. It mainly focuses on identifying security vulnerabilities and taking hack prevention measures.

Since vulnerabilities are a major reason why WordPress websites get hacked, iThemes mandates updates. It enables users to add an extra layer of protection. You can update WordPress salts and keys, use CAPTCHA protection, enable Away Mode, etc.

iThemes Security uses Sucuri’s malware scanner (SiteCheck) to detect malware. And if malware is detected on your website, it recommends users to contact Sucuri. But, the plugin does scan file changes, especially in the WordPress core. Most hackers tend to hide malicious codes in the core files.

Core Features:

    • Monitoring File Changes
    • Google reCAPTCHA Integration
    • Two-factor Authentication
    • Brute Force Protection
    • Strong Passwords Enforcement
    • 404 Detection

Price: Starts from $80.00 per year for 1 site

5. SiteLock


SiteLock website security plugin

SiteLock dashboard


Another very popular WordPress security plugin, SiteLock offers scanning, cleaning and protection measures. Various web host providers sell SiteLock as a service.

It’s Smart Monitoring system scans your website daily. It removes the infection as soon as it detects it. It also monitors plugins and themes and alerts users when it finds outdated or vulnerable software. Common security threats that SiteLock detects are SQL injections, cross-site scripting, etc.

Protection measures include a firewall that helps filter out bad traffic. You can optimize your site speed by using SiteLock’s content delivery network (CDN). SiteLock also makes use of visitor-side caching. It basically stores the cached information on the visitor’s device or browser.

Core Features:

    • Daily Malware Scan
    • Automatic Malware Removal
    • Web Application Firewall
    • DDoS attack Protection
    • Blacklist Prevention

Price: Starts from $330 per year for 1 site

6. SecuPress


SecuPress wordpress security plugin

SecuPress dashboard


One of the first things you’ll notice in SecuPress is the user-friendly UI. But that’s not the only impressive security feature SecuPress has. It scans and protects websites from intrusion. It monitors over 30 security points on your website. And offers a score that states the health of your website. Not just that, the plugin tells you what measures you should be taking to harden your WordPress website.

The security plugin helps detect vulnerable themes and plugins. And it alerts you when modifications are made on the applications.

When a site is hacked, team SecuPress will clean and repair your website. To protect your website from bad traffic, it offers a firewall. And takes measures like brute force prevention, IP address blocking, and two-factor authentication.

The plugin closely monitors the core and sets proper file permission. The plugin has a settings page that can be password protected. That’ll help keep other users of your website from fiddling with it.

SecuPress sends out daily alerts and notifications. That way, site owners are aware of what’s going on on their website.

Core Features:

    • Malware Scanning
    • Scan Security Points
    • Malware Removal
    • Brute Force Attack Prevention
    • Protection of Security Keys
    • Vulnerable Plugins and Themes Detection

Price: Starts from $65 per year for 1 site

7. All-In-One WP Security & Firewall


All-In-One WP Security and Firewall

All-In-One WP Security & Firewall dashboard


One of the highlights of this plugin is the metrics that help users understand where the website stands in terms of security. It tells you what measures you need to take to increase your security strengths. The plugin focuses on three levels of security – basic, intermediate and advanced.

The basic measures include blocking brute force attacks, protecting your website users. And under intermediate and advanced measures, falls database and WordPress file security practices.

The plugin scans files and folders and alerts you when it detects files without appropriate permissions (Read – How to Set Up the Right File Permission). It also enables users to easily change their database prefix. Moreover, you can also disable file editing. That’ll prevent hackers from accessing important files like readme.html, license.txt, and wp-config-sample.php.

Its firewall protects your site from hack from intrusions by hackers and bots.

Core Features:

    • Security Scanner
    • Firewall Protection
    • Brute Force Attack Prevention
    • User registration security
    • Database protection

Price: Free

8. BulletProof Security


BulletProof security plugin



The plugin secures both your website files and the database. The plugin ensures complete security of your WordPress website. It’s a feature-packed plugin, but not the most user-friendly one. The plugin is not great for beginners. But any advanced WordPress user (like a developer) can take advantage of its unique features. Let’s take a look at what the plugin offers –

The malware scanner scans your files and database for hacked files and malicious codes. The plugin offers alerts when it detects suspicious changes in the database. It also offers prevention measures. You can take steps to protect your website files from being modified or tampered with.

There’s a firewall that protects your website files from being publicly available accessible. The plugin keeps a track of everything that is being uploaded in the Upload folder. It protects the folder from being exploited.

Other additional features include changing database prefix and enabling maintenance mode. You can set your site to log out when the dashboard is sitting idle for some time, etc.

Core Features:

    • Files & database scanning
    • Login monitoring & protection
    • Firewall protection
    • Monitoring files & database
    • Maintenance mode

Price: Starts from $70 per year for 1 site

9. Shield Security


Shield Security dashboard

Shield Security dashboard


The plugin offers different kinds of security measures. It’s built for both beginners and advanced users.

The plugin has a user-friendly interface. With the help of its scanner, it catches intrusions before it causes any damage. It scans your website files and monitors the core files closely. WordPress core is commonplace for hackers to hide their malicious codes.

When intrusions remain undetected, there is greater potential for harm. That is why Shield Security enables you to scan your website every hour.

Not just that, the plugin checks for vulnerable and outdated plugins and themes and keeps them updated. It helps install two-factor authentication and strong password policies.

The plugin automatically blocks any failed login attempt, thus preventing login attacks. Malicious traffic is automatically blacklisted. Thanks to the many security and protection features that the plugin provides, your whole admin area can be locked down.

One feature of the plugin that is worth mentioning is the export and import options. Setting up the security of a WordPress website from scratch is a time-consuming work. It enables you to import the settings from any website where Shield Security is present.

Core Features:

    • Malware scanning
    • Brute force prevention
    • Plugins and themes vulnerability scanner
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Strong password policies

Price: Starts from $12 per year for 1 site

10. Security Ninja


Security Ninja dashboard

Security Ninja dashboard


The plugin helps scan and protect your website against intrusion. One of the highlights of this security plugin is that it comes with an auto-fix module. Enabling it would automatically fix issues that the security test identified. For instance, it’ll update the WordPress database password to a stronger one, etc.

The firewall protects your website from fake traffic and bad bots. It enables you to block suspicious IPs from specific countries. And even redirects them to a specific URL.

The plugin prevents brute force attacks. It blocks suspicious requests made on your website. It also blocks common hack attempts like SQL injection attacks and uploading of executable PHP files.

Security Ninjas scans your website looking for malicious codes and suspicious files. It alerts the user when it detects malware. The scanner also monitors installed plugins looking for unknown files and suspicious activities.

Core Features:

    • Malware Scan
    • Firewall
    • Brute Force Login Attack Prevention
    • Country Blocking
    • Auto-Fix Issues

Price: Starts from $39 per year for 1 site That’s it, folks. With that, we come to the end of our list.



Given the number of plugins available, it’s difficult to decide which plugin to select. As you can see, all three tools tackle security differently. Sucuri shines with its site performance and an advanced firewall. Both Wordfence and iThemes offers abundant features. They promise to protect every possible vulnerable area on your site.

But, when you take a deeper look at their features, MalCare Security comes out on top. The plugin offers excellent scanning and cleaning facilities and proactive security measures.

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