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Find The Most Complex Hacks With Our
WordPress Malware Scanner

We will find malware wherever it is hidden. It may be a year-old
malware or a complex new hack. We will find them all.

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Malware Scanner

MalCare has the Best Malware Scanner for WordPress

Achieve improved performance in detecting malware

Find malware before Google blacklists your site

Google blacklisting your WordPress site is terrible for your business. You will lose customers, have your ads blocked, and see a drop in SEO. MalCare’s malware scanner will make sure you are in Google’s good books.

We will NEVER slow down your site

Finding malware and virus is tough and takes a lot of resources. To solve this, we use our powerful servers to do the hard work of scanning your site for malware or malicious code deeply. With no load, your site is fast and responsive.

Complete scan of your site including files & database

Malware can hide in every part of your WordPress site. Malware in files are very different from those in the database. MalCare’s malware scan will automatically scan every part of your site daily and alarm you when there is a hack or malware infection.

“Catches Malware no one does!”
I’ve tried all the other plugins, but MalCare is 10 steps ahead. The scanning precision, and the instant cleanup have saved me from many late nights in the office. 100% recommended for any business site!”
Robert Abela
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Reason to Choose Malcare

MalCare has the most powerful malware scanner

We have built a malware scanner specialized for WordPress site. Our intelligent algorithms go beyond signature matching to find malware missed by every other antivirus plugin.

No false alarms

MalCare will not unnecessarily alarm you. Our intelligent malware scanner for WordPress will only alert you when there is a real malware or suspicious file. No more false positives causing panic.

On demand scans

Worried if you have malware? You can scan your site for malware or malicious files at any time with the click of a button.

Monitor file changes

We track all changes happening to your site. However, unlike other malware scan plugins, we will only alarm you for dangerous changes and not routine updates.

How can we help you?

If you’re worried that your website has been hacked, MalCare can help you quickly fix the issue and secure your site to prevent future hacks.

My site is hacked – Help me clean it

Clean your site with MalCare’s AntiVirus solution within minutes. It will remove all malware from your complete site. Guaranteed.

Secure my WordPress Site from hackers

MalCare’s 7-Layer Security Offers Complete Protection for Your Website. 300,000+ Websites Trust MalCare for Total Defence from Attacks.