iThemes Security and MalCare are polar opposites when it comes to WordPress Security

MalCare follows a completely different approach to securing a WordPress site. We consistently protect sites from hacks that iThemes lets through.

95% of WordPress hacks happen because of Vulnerable plugins and Themes

iThemes Security protects against <5% of these attacks.
MalCare Firewall blocks out > 75% of these attacks

A Powerful Malware Scanner

iThemes Security does not have even a basic malware scanner to warn you if you are ever hacked.
MalCare uses intelligent algorithms for malware detection which look at 100+ signals to find malware new or old. This gives you the confidence that your site is well protected.

Instant Malware Removal for minimum damage to your site

iThemes Security does not give you the ability to clean a malware in case the site gets hacked.
MalCare offers instant malware removal as part of the premium plan. You now can deal with the worst situations in minutes.

Block bots which are scraping or attacking your site

iThemes Security is unable to block bot attacks which will eat your site’s resources
MalCare is the only security plugin which makes your site faster. It proactively blocks bots from eating your website’s resources.

High Performance Firewall to protect your site in real-time

iThemes Security does not come with a firewall, which is the most powerful way to protect your website.
MalCare has an extremely powerful firewall which is configured specifically for your website. It will block some of the most sophisticated attacks on your website.

Incredible Backups & Staging for Complete Protection

iThemes Security does not have backups or integrated staging.
MalCare integrates with BlogVault to offer complete protection for your website. Our bulletproof backups serve as the final failsafe layer against hacks which might lead to data loss.

Add 2-Factor Authentication to your WordPress Admin

iThemes Security lets you add 2-factor authentication to your WordPress Admin.
MalCare does not support this feature.

I selected Malcare, after looking at Sucuri, iThemes, and more

A few months have gone by, NONE of my sites have been infected despite several hundred-thousand attempts to breach the sites.

Frederik Beier

Get the best security for your site. Choose MalCare today

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