Instant One-Click WordPress Malware Removal.
Guaranteed cleanup backed by our support.


No more waiting for days or hours to clean your website. Clean your website of malicious code
with surgical precision in One-Click.

How Does MalCare Work?


Hacked Site Alert

Log in and view the status of your site.

Click Auto-Clean

Authorize MalCare to remove the malware.

Sit back and relax

Your website is clean and running again!

The Only One-click WordPress Malware Removal Plugin

Quick Website Clean

The longer the malware is on your site, the higher the rate of damage. Waiting for malware removal teams to fix on your site is not an option.

Fully Automated Malware Removal

MalCare is the only WordPress malware removal plugin that offers one-click automatic malware removal.

Bid goodbye to anxious and long wait times

With MalCare’s instant automatic cleanups, you no longer need to wait for technical support to manually clean up your site.

Truly made for use by Everyone

Security should not be a privilege or restricted. MalCare has made malware removal ridiculously easy with its one-click WordPress malware removal plugin.

Precise and Targeted Malware Removal


Fixes hacked file log

MalCare either replaces the affected malicious files or removes it for contained cleaning. Automatic MalCare Cleaning affects only the malware – not your website.

Cleans complex unknown malware

MalCare looks beyond known malware warnings and clean unknown complex malware that other malware removal plugins can not identify and clean.

Targeted and surgical malware removal

MalCare intelligently scans your site to identify the exact location of WordPress malware with its dynamic malware detection technology.

Future protection guaranteed

MalCare’s self-learning platform continuously learns from every attack on your site to identify WordPress vulnerabilities and block identified malware from entering the site ever again.

See what our customers say about us

I’ve previously used some security tools but they are too complex to use but handling MalCare is so simple yet is powerful with an advanced malware protection tool! With one-click, you can remove any type of malware. Totally worth it!

Abdullah Prem

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