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Completely Fix All Malware Issues

Hackers will hide malware or malicious files in any part of your WordPress Site. MalCare’s WordPress Malware Removal service will eliminate malware from WordPress Core, Plugins, Themes, Database, htaccess files and more.

Clean All Types of Malware

There are many types of malware or malicious code. We will clean out Backdoors, Redirect Hacks, Pharma Hacks, Javascript hacks and more. Our intelligent WordPress Malware Removal service will not miss anything.

Reduce Damage by Instantly Removing Malware

The longer a malware is present on your site the more damage it does. MalCare’s WordPress Malware Removal quickly cleans the malware infection without waiting for days.

“Easiest malware cleanup ever!”
I’ve tried other plugins, but every time I got hacked, I spent hours try to fix things. MalCare’s one-click cleanup was SO easy! It saves me hours whenever a site gets hacked, so I’d definitely recommend trying it out.”
Kristina Romero
Founder, WP Care Market

Frequently Asked Questions

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MalCare is a comprehensive scanning and instantaneous malware cleanup and protection WordPress Security service. It constantly checks if site is hacked and alerts you immediately. If you care about protecting your website, then you need a security solution like MalCare.

We offer 24/7 support to all our users—with fast, practical solutions to your problems and adequate answers to all your questions! We’re here to help.

MalCare is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool, and doesn’t require any technical know-how. It automatically configures the best security for your site without any manual work.

Yes. The security plugin can detect failed login attempts made on your website. It then takes attacks prevention measures.

Yes! MalCare has a free version that you can check out on our pricing page!

Yes. You can block Geographies and IP’s from MalCare dashboard.

Yes we work with all managed WordPress hosts including WP Engine, Flywheel, Pantheon, Kinsta, GoDaddy, Cloudways and more. We significantly improve the security provided by these hosts.

Yes we are compatible with other WordPress malware removal plugins such as WordFence, Sucuri, and more. However, MalCare is a complete security solution and typically other security plugins are not needed.

Yes we are compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

No, we do not offer SSL certificates.

How can we help you?

If you’re worried that your website has been hacked, MalCare can help you quickly fix the issue and secure your site to prevent future hacks.

My site is hacked – Help me clean it

Clean your site with MalCare’s AntiVirus solution within minutes. It will remove all malware from your complete site. Guaranteed.

Secure my WordPress Site from hackers

MalCare’s 7-Layer Security Offers Complete Protection for Your Website. 300,000+ Websites Trust MalCare for Total Defence from Attacks.