MalCare vs WordFence

High Performance Websites Choose MalCare over WordFence

Traditional Security Plugins overload your site as they use a lot of resources during malware scanning and firewall evaluation. Business critical websites need a high performance plugin like MalCare for security without compromising on speed.

MalCare gives all the features that Wordfence does and a whole lot more.

Do more than manage sites and update plug-ins. Give your clients complete peace of mind when it comes to their websites and grow your business faster.

Protects your website without slowing down your site

WordFence is infamous for slowing down your site. It overloads your server and often disallowed by webhosts.
MalCare servers do all the hard work in securing your site. Your site is secure and fast at the same time.

Catches the most complex Malware out there

WordFence uses signature matching and keywords to detect malware. This often misses smart and complex malware out there.
MalCare uses intelligent algorithms for malware detection which look at 100+ signals to find malware new or old. This gives you the confidence that your site is well protected.

Instant Malware Removal for minimum damage to your site

WordFence charges a significant amount($490) to clean a hacked site. They will take hours to days to complete the cleanup increasing the risk to your site.
MalCare offers instant malware removal as part of the premium plan. You now can deal with the worst situations in minutes.

Alarms which respect you and do not disrupt your work

WordFence sends you too many alarms, messes your WordPress Admin with upgrade notices and sends too many false positive malware notifications.

MalCare only alerts you when something really needs your attention such as hack. We keep your WordPress Admin clean from ugly notices.

Block bots which are scraping or attacking your site

WordFence is unable to block bot attacks which will eat your site’s resources
MalCare is the only security plugin which makes your site faster. It proactively blocks bots from eating your website’s resources.

High Performance Firewall to protect your site in real-time

WordFence stores all the firewall data on your site. This is difficult to process and very heavy on your site
MalCare offloads all the logs to its own servers. Our servers process all the data and only push relevant rules to your site keeping it fast.

WordPress Vulnerability Scanner for timely alarms

WordFence does not tell you if there is a vulnerability on your site which needs immediate attention.
MalCare will automatically review every plugin and theme on your site against known vulnerabilities everyday. You will get personalized alarms so you can do a timely update.

Perfect for Agencies with bulk plans

WordFence fails miserably if you have multiple sites. You get too many false alarms and when sites get hacked, you are put in a very difficult situation with your clients.
MalCare is built for agencies with a centralized dashboard to manage all your sites. If multiple sites get hacked, you can easily cleanup all with the click of a button. To top it all you can send beautiful reports to your clients automatically.

Activity log to record to track changes

WordFence does not have this critical feature
MalCare has a complete activity log so you know exactly what changes have been made. Auditing helps you identify and defuse security incidents.

Incredible Backups & Staging for Complete Protection

WordFence does not have backups or integrated staging.
MalCare integrates with BlogVault to offer complete protection for your website. Our bulletproof backups serve as the final failsafe layer against hacks which might lead to data loss.

Add 2-Factor Authentication to your WordPress Admin

WordFence lets you add 2-factor authentication to your WordPress Admin
MalCare does not support this feature.

View location of the Malware Found

WordFence lets you view all the files where it finds any malware.
MalCare lets you view and clean the malware only in Pro version

“I compare MalCare to an insurance policy.”

I’m a pro customer these days and use Malcare. It’s detected issues in some major name plugins that the vendor didn’t even know were vulnerabilities.

Paul Lacey,
‍WordPress Designer

Get the best security for your site. Choose MalCare today

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