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Traditional Security Plugins overload your site as they use a lot of
resources during malware scanning and firewall evaluation. Business critical
websites need a high performance plugin like MalCare for security without
compromising on speed.

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Video Comparison

MalCare vs. WordFence

In our video, we compare MalCare and WordFence. We discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each, and explain when each is a better choice. Watch the video to learn more.

Reduce load on site by upto 70%.

MalCare will improve the performance of your site, while WordFence can slow it down.

Find the most complex malware.

MalCare can detect complex malware that may be missed by WordFence.

No more false alarms.

MalCare avoids flooding your mailbox with useless alarms, only sending notifications when important events require your attention.

Security Comparison

MalCare vs WordFence

MalCare gives all the features that WordFence does and a whole lot more.

“MalCare saved us money & time”
I used Wordfence before, but the cleanups were too expensive and some times we got re-hacked as well, so we needed a change. With MalCare, we spend 1/4th time we used to on security & all our sites are safe.”
Agency Owner

How can we help you?

If you’re worried that your website has been hacked, MalCare can help you quickly fix the issue and secure your site to prevent future hacks.

My site is hacked – Help me clean it

Clean your site with MalCare’s AntiVirus solution within minutes. It will remove all malware from your complete site. Guaranteed.

Secure my WordPress Site from hackers

MalCare’s 7-Layer Security Offers Complete Protection for Your Website. 300,000+ Websites Trust MalCare for Total Defence from Attacks.