Do you feel betrayed when your web host, SiteGround shuts you down? However, when your site is hacked, that’s exactly what web hosts end up doing.

A hacked WordPress site is, without a question, is one of the worst things that can happen to a website owner. Your site may be modified via pop ads, or you might be losing content! Not only is a malware on your site super stressful, but it also impacts your business, reputation, search rankings, traffic and much more.

Prevention is obviously the best course of action. But what can you do when it is too late? Web hosts like SiteGround try to take up the responsibility of making the internet a safer place by shutting down infected websites. The fastest route to getting back online, is to remove the infection.

How to Tell if my website is really Hacked?

Is your mother calling you up to scold you about the type of pictures you are putting up on your website these days? Are your clients calling in angrily about strange surges in traffic, that you just can’t quite explain? Are you visitors complaining that your website is taking them to some other strange site? Are your real newsletters lost in the otherworld while random spam from your website is driving everyone crazy? Well, there you have it. You are 99.99% hacked.

How to Tell if my website is really suspended?

When you try to open your website does it show the following message?

The web service to this account has been suspended temporarily!


Well, it cannot get clearer than that. But just to make sure, if you contact SiteGround, you will be told that one of the reasons for such a suspension is the malware presence on your site. So now you have been hacked, and suspended. This might look like a double whammy to you, but the situation is still fixable.

How to Remove Google Blacklist?

If Google has also detected malware on your site, you will receive a warning from them as well. To remove the “Reported Attack Site!” warning on your website, read the following article and learn how to clean the site and remove the warning: Remove Google Blacklist Warning.

web host Google blacklisted website

How to Unsuspend website with SiteGround?

Follow these 3 main steps to get your site back online.


1. Malware Removal

Update your website

Update plugins, themes, and your WordPress Core to the latest version from the WP Admin dashboard. Outdated plugins or themes are a big reason for a website being vulnerable to malware attacks.

Scan your website

Use a free scanner like MalCare from the WordPress Security repository or your website’s Admin dashboard. MalCare Scanner will go through every file and table in your website using 100+ Intelligent Signals which will ensure every last malware on your site is caught.

Remove Malware

When you want to be sure that all the malware on your site is completely removed, you can use a Security Service like MalCare. Malcare automatically scans your site regularly for malware and you can clean it super quick too. It not only finds existing malware but also the new and hard to detect ones something that most other security plugins are unable to do.

Use Backups

If you follow the extremely good practice of backing up your site regularly, you can rollback to a clean version of your site easily, or at least check whether your website content is in order. Backups are essentially the safety net for every website.

2. Website Review

Hardening your website

MalCare can also help you with  the following:

  • Change security keys to keep hackers away from your website backend.
  • Protect Upload Folders to disabling PHP execution by outsiders.
  • Disallow Rogue Plugin Installation to minimize the risk of hackers installing backdoors in your website.
  • Disable File Editor to lock down your backend from malicious bots and hackers.

Install a Firewall

A firewall monitors activity on your website. A good firewall will help you block malicious IPs and bots. To protect your website in complete 360° way, you need a firewall.

Re-scan your website

Just to be on the safer side, scan your website a few more times and double check the state of your website’s security.

3. SiteGround Domain Reactivation

Contact SiteGround

Send SiteGround the details of your website cleaning process. Add the information regarding your process and let them know you have fixed your website up.

Over to You

SiteGround provides one of the best hosting services, but things might still go wrong. Having your WordPress website hacked is not a pleasant experience and nothing any of us hope for. However, it does happen, even to the best of us. If the worst has come to pass, we hope this guide can help you figure things out and get back to normal. If your website is part of your livelihood (as it is for many of us), website security is a sensible investment. After that, please definitely make sure to improve your security and patch any holes you found in the process. Future you is sure to thank Present you.


Try MalCare for better peace of mind.