Powerful WordPress firewall that keeps bad traffic out


MalCare combines an inbuilt WordPress firewall with Captcha based login protection to defend your site against bots, hackers, and malicious traffic.

Hidden WordPress Security Statistics


Malicious Web Traffic

Sites Hacked Daily


Increase in attacks per year


Websites are hacked

A Powerful Web Application Firewall for Ongoing Website Protection

IP blocking on global level

A firewall is an essential brick in the fortress that enhances your site’s security. MalCare’s robust Firewall keeps away the bots and hackers from entering your site, and you can even track the web traffic requests live.

Round-the-clock website protection

MalCare’s WordPress firewall analyses every IP request to ensure that your site can handle common WordPress issues like brute force attacks.

Defense against malicious traffic

MalCare monitors attacks across thousands of sites on our network to create a dynamic list of IPs with malicious intent. It blocks these IPs from sending requests to your site.

Integrated WordPress Login Protection for your Website

Captcha Protection

MalCare has incorporated this form of login protection through limiting the number of failed login attempts via Captcha protection.

Limited login attempts

MalCare triggers automatic Captcha based protection to protect your site against bots trying to gain access to your site.

Timely alerts for suspicious logins

MalCare’s regular audit log identifies and records all instances of unauthorized access to your WordPress admin.

Inbuilt WordPress Website Hardening Features

WordPress recommended Security Features

WordPress recommends certain advance level website hardening techniques that require technical knowledge and time. MalCare’s strength lies in not only putting together existing security practices but also improving upon them.

Disable file editor

Implement WordPress recommended website security tips and defend your site against the most common WordPress security issues. MalCare lets you disable file editing to remove file editing from the WP dashboard.


Protect Uploads folder

MalCare can help you block execution of any PHP files in the uploads folder. This will help protect your sites from well known security issues and WordPress vulnerabilities such as the MailPoet plugin vulnerability.

Change security keys

Use MalCare to implement advanced website hardening measures like modifying the security keys in wpconfig.php file to make your site more secure against hackers

Disallow plugin installation

Use the MalCare dashboard to disable plugin installations. This feature ensures hackers with access to your WordPress Admin panel cannot install a rogue theme or plugin.

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More and more sites were getting hacked, and I almost shut down my business… With BlogVault I am confident my sites are backed up and restore them dependably.

Yardena Epstein,
Owner of YardenaWeb

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