Get Alerts about Security Risks with our WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

Most hacks happen because of vulnerabilities. With our WordPress Vulnerability Scanner you can patch them quickly to have a a robust security for your website.

Malcare WordPress vulnerability scanner sends personalized email alarms

Personalized Email Alarms

We monitor all plugins/themes running on your website. If we detect a vulnerable plugin/theme, we will send you an alarm so you can quickly act on the threat or security issue.

MalCare's WordPress vulnerability scan will do daily automatic checks for vulnerability

Daily automatic checks

As new vulnerabilities are discovered, we will do daily automatic scans against our database so no vulnerability is ever missed

MalCare maintains a comprehensive database with the latest WordPress vulnerabilities

Comprehensive Database with latest vulnerabilities

We maintain a regularly updated database of all security vulnerabilities new or old. Your site is matched against this database.

auto-update vulnerable plugin using MalCare

Auto-update vulnerable plugin using our Safe-Updates

With our auto-updates you can safely update vulnerable plugins. We will run a Visual Regression Test to ensure that your site does not break in the process.

“I compare this to an insurance policy.”

I’m a pro customer these days and use Malcare for Malware scanning and patching. It’s detected issues in some major name plugins that the vendor didn’t even know were vulnerabilities.

Paul Lacey

Give your website 360 degree protection and get complete peace of mind

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