WordPress Backups

Bulletproof Backups to Protect From Ransomware Attacks

MalCare’s incremental backups, secure cloud storage, 1-click restore, and other features allow you to quickly recover your website from any disaster that may strike your WordPress site. With MalCare, you can have complete peace of mind.

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Some of the biggest organizations secure their WordPress sites using MalCare

WordPress Backups

Be Prepared for Any Situation with Robust Backups

MalCare backups add another layer of safety for your website.

Incremental Backups which don’t slow down your site

High Performance Websites can’t afford to have their backup plugins slowing them down. With Incremental Backups minimal load is placed on your site.

Easily backup extremely large sites

MalCare’s website backup service can backup sites of any size. There are no timeouts or errors taking up all your time.

Backups That Never Fail

Backups must work flawlessly every time. We have spent years developing the most reliable WordPress backup solution available and have successfully backed up over 1 million websites on over 5,000 web hosts.

Get Enterprise-Level Data Security at No Extra Cost

MalCare stores encrypted copies of your entire backups across multiple data centers, included in the solution at no extra cost.

Restore Reliably From Backup When Things Go Wrong

Our solution has a 100% success rate and is the best way to get your site back to normal. If your site crashes, you need a quick resolution, and MalCare makes it easy to recover your site.

“Ultimate cheat code!”
Their automatic backups are an incredible safety net. No matter what goes wrong, I can just restore my site before anyone notices anything! It’s give me a real sense of peace, knowing that my site is safe no matter what.”
Kimberly Lipari

How can we help you?

If you’re worried that your website has been hacked, MalCare can help you quickly fix the issue and secure your site to prevent future hacks.

My site is hacked – Help me clean it

Clean your site with MalCare’s AntiVirus solution within minutes. It will remove all malware from your complete site. Guaranteed.

Secure my WordPress Site from hackers

MalCare’s 7-Layer Security Offers Complete Protection for Your Website. 300,000+ Websites Trust MalCare for Total Defence from Attacks.