11 Managed WordPress Security Services To Effectively Keep Out Threats


Every website owner knows that security should be a top priority but, what is the best way to do so?

There are a few routes you can take. You can manage security by configuring a security plugin like MalCare. You can also get some modicum of security by choosing a secure web hosting provider—but those are generally smoke and mirrors. However, if you want an expert to take care of it without involving you, then a managed WordPress security service is for you. 

You’re probably wondering if they have all the services you need. Are they affordable? What type of security does your site need? Navigating the world of managed WordPress services can require extensive research. 

Thankfully, this article is all you need. It lists the top managed WordPress security services and everything you need to know. We’ll go over features, pros, cons, and prices to help you make the best decision for your site. 

TL;DR: Thrive WP is the best in terms of security service solutions. Apart from essentials like backups and updates, Thrive uses a reliable malware scanner, a quick malware-removal feature, and a great firewall.  

A WordPress management service is like your website’s own personal guide. WordPress experts take over the daily management tasks like keeping everything updated and blocking malware attacks. This gives you time to focus more on creating content or planning your business strategy. It gives you room to grow your sales without worrying about website maintenance.

If that sounds like something you want, let’s dive into the top 11 managed WordPress security services. 

1. Thrive WP

ThriveWP is a UK-based company that keeps WordPress sites in shape.

They handle a range of management tasks like backups, uptime monitoring, and comprehensive security. They provide malware scanning and removal, with a firewall and hardening thrown in for good measure. 

ThriveWP also includes SSL certificates. You can either reach out to a web host or install a plugin to install an SSL certificate. But, ThriveWP makes it easier by taking care of it for you.

Failed login attempts, particularly in large numbers within a short timeframe, can signal a security risk known as a brute force attack. In this type of attack, cybercriminals use automated software to generate a vast number of guesses aiming to crack passwords and gain unauthorized access to your site. ThriveWP understands the critical nature of this security aspect and takes the task off your hands. 

ThriveWP takes the hassle out of website maintenance for you.


  • Scans for malware and malware removal
  • Manages all updates: themes, plugins, core
  • Takes regular backups
  • Implements a reliable firewall
  • Monitors for failed login attempts
  • Monitors all user activity
  • Provides great 24/7 support
  • Provides regular reports to keep you in the loop


  • Reliable security
  • Responsive support team
  • Affordable pricing


  • The basic plan doesn’t offer performance optimization
  • No update testing in the basic plan

Price: Plans range from £40 a month to £85 a month.

2. SiteCare

SiteCare is recognized within the WordPress community for offering various services aimed at helping users manage and optimize their WordPress websites. The company focuses on a range of key areas, including website maintenance, security, performance optimization, and marketing services to enhance online visibility.

In terms of security, SiteCare will scan for issues and patch any vulnerabilities that they find. In case of a hack, they’ve got you covered. From clearing the malware to restoring your content, they’ll do it all. For those unexpected hiccups that inevitably arise, SiteCare’s plans include up to 15 minutes of issue investigation whenever you raise a support ticket. This rapid response capability is invaluable for promptly addressing and mitigating any concerns, ensuring that potential problems are tackled before they can escalate.

SiteCare also assists with daily backups as well as updates to WordPress core, themes, and plugins. They also offer performance tuning to ensure websites load quickly and efficiently, which is crucial for user experience and SEO rankings.

Additionally, they also provide marketing and analytics support, providing insights and strategies to drive traffic. This approach allows businesses to not only maintain a healthy and secure online presence but also to grow and thrive in the digital space.

SitecCare offers a pay-as-you-go pricing that adapts to the evolving needs of your business. This model allows you to control costs effectively, paying only for the services you need when you need them. 

All of this and more are powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and guarantees high levels of reliability and performance. This helps SiteCare to manage websites with the robust backbone of one of the world’s leading cloud platforms. 


  • Scans for malware in real-time
  • Patches vulnerabilities quickly
  • Optimises site for performance
  • Safely updates your sites
  • Offers regular backups and restores
  • Offers SEO optimization experts


  • Responsive support
  • Great basic plan
  • Comprehensive security
  • Reliable backups


  • Support only works during US work hours

Price: Plans range from $99 to $499 a month, where you pay as you go.

3. WP Buffs

WP Buffs is a popular option in the WordPress maintenance and management service landscape. It offers a broad spectrum of services aimed at ensuring websites run smoothly. 

On the security front, they partner you up with one of their expert engineers. They take care of all your security needs. They will help you fight any attacks, patch vulnerabilities, and monitor your site 24/7. They install a firewall, provides brute-force protection and IP tracking. All of these are features that make a solid security system.


  • Manages updates
  • Optimizes site speed
  • Performs daily backups
  • Provides emergency support
  • Monitors website uptime
  • Offers theme and plugin management
  • Conducts security scans
  • Implements malware cleanups
  • Delivers monthly performance reports
  • Facilitates website edits and changes
  • Supports WooCommerce optimization
  • Enables real-time activity tracking


  • Continuous support
  • Focus on performance
  • Great security features


  • Ineffective security

Price: Plans range from $79 a month to $447 a month for advanced custom support and Git Management. 

4. FixRunner

FixRunner is a versatile WordPress support service that caters to both emergency fixes and ongoing maintenance needs. Whether you’re facing a one-time hiccup or looking for a reliable partner to keep your site running smoothly, FixRunner has got you covered. 

They offer pricing plans that can be tailored to your needs—choose from monthly, quarterly, or even annual billing cycles to suit your budget and preferences. You can also choose their one-time fix option if you don’t want the long-term commitment. 

On the security front, they offer round-the-clock malware scanning. This can be helpful, especially if you have a high-traffic site or handle transactions. For $95 you can get any malware removed as well. 


  • Offers personal support
  • Updates website securely
  • Optimizes for speed
  • Takes backups
  • Monitors uptime
  • Regularly scans for vulnerabilities
  • Provides malware removal
  • Offers on-page optimization
  • Gives dedicated account management


  • Responsive support


  • Limited security features
  • Premium plan doesn’t include security scans
  • Limited support with lowest plan

Plans: Plans range from $59 to $149 a month for a small website. These prices go up if you have a larger site. Their subscriptions also include a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

5. Newt Labs

Newt Labs is a UK-based maintenance company that has done great work. 

Newt Labs takes daily backups and stores them securely off-site. It also performs vigilant 24/7 security monitoring that scans your site every 5 hours to catch vulnerabilities or malware before they escalate into threats. They can help you with malware removal as well. 

One helpful feature we’ve found is that it offers users tutorials on WordPress basics, such as creating and editing content. This can be helpful if you’re new to WordPress and still learning the ropes. 


  • Offers tutorials on WordPress basics
  • Takes daily off-site backups
  • Monitors security 24/7 
  • Helps with vulnerability detection
  • Provides malware cleanup
  • Offers safe testing of updates


  • Offers educational resources
  • Proactive threat management


  • Support is available only at business hours
  • Basics like firewall is a VIP feature, making it less comprehensive

Price: Plans start at £79 a month to £239 a month.

6. WP Tech Support

When it comes to running a complex website like an ecommerce platform, LMS (Learning Management System), or a membership site, the stakes are naturally higher. These types of sites often experience high volumes of traffic and require a robust, scalable solution to keep them running smoothly. 

Enter WP Tech Support. For site owners in these niches, their advanced plan comes highly recommended. It’s specifically crafted to meet the demands of high-traffic operations, ensuring that your site not only keeps up but thrives.

WIth regards to security, WP Tech Support offers daily scans, a website application firewall, and they conduct a basic security check at onboarding. This check will ensure that everything is up-to-date, secure, and recommend things like deleting unused plugins. 

WP Tech Support also goes beyond just handling the basics like updates, backups, and security. They step it up with technical SEO support and performance optimization, ensuring that your site isn’t just secure and up-to-date, but also ranks well and delivers a seamless experience to visitors. Add to that their constant support, and you’ve got a comprehensive care plan that’s tough to beat.

Their range of features, combined with surprisingly affordable pricing, positions WP Tech Support as a compelling option for those looking to elevate their website’s performance and security without breaking the bank.


  • Offers 24/7 support
  • Offers technical SEO support
  • Optimises site for performance
  • Fixes any bugs
  • Audits site health
  • Scans for malware daily
  • Monitors uptime
  • Implements firewall


  • Comprehensive maintenance
  • Constant support


  • In the basic plan, support has an additional per-hour fee
  • Limited number of bug fixes in the basic plan

Price:  Plans range from $55 a month to $175 a month. 

7. WP Maintainer

Getting started with WP Maintainer is easy. Simply sign up, and their team of engineers will handle everything: security, updates, compatibility, and backups. No more worrying about the technical side; WP Maintainer has you covered with on-demand access to engineers and an hour of free developer support each month for any update-related issues.

Security is a top priority for WP Maintainer. They conduct security audits, enforce strong passwords, and minimize password sharing. They also offer a website firewall, two-factor authentication, and user access restrictions to keep your site safe.

They are also known for its effective firewall, despite some limitations with its scanner. This makes us apprehensive to use it.


  • Includes security, updates, compatibility, and backups
  • On-demand access to engineers
  • Conducts security audits
  • Implements good login security measures


  • Quick support
  • Easy setup


  • Only one hour of free developer support might not be enough for complex problems
  • The efficacy of the scanner may not be as good
  • Firewall is an add-on

Price: The base price for core maintenance services are $99 a month. You can add on more subscriptions, like a firewall for an additional $49 a month and performance features like image optimization for $19 a month.

8. WP Copilot

WP Copilot is a service provider specializing in WordPress support and maintenance. It operates from Australia and covers some of the essentials of website security.

They provide the essentials like daily malware scanning, vulnerability scanning and patching. They also help set up a 24/7 firewall,  brute-force attack protection and spam filters as well. This makes it a pretty well-rounded security service. 

If you’re looking for help, you can email them or reach out to them on their dashboard. They also have resources like blogs and an ebook of tips to help you fight hacks and attacks. 


  • Configures backup plugin
  • Manages backups and restores 
  • Configures a security plugin for you
  • Limits failed login attempts
  • Updates themes, core, and plugins
  • Scans site for malware and vulnerabilities
  • Manages access and passwords
  • Cleans hacked sites


  • Quick support: – 30 minutes or less
  • Offers 79+ WordPress tutorials
  • Affordable pricing


  • Limited security features

Pricing: $99 a month.

9. WP SitePlan

Like every other tool on this list, WP SitePlan manages regular tasks like taking backups, keeping everything updated, and uptime monitoring.

Security within WP SitePlan is an add-on feature. Their security suite includes great hardening features like disabling file editing. Even essentials like installing a firewall are handled by them. Additionally, they also offer a security checklist, available for download at no cost. This checklist serves as a valuable resource for WordPress site owners. But, if you’re looking for a service that takes care of it for you, the checklist won’t be of much help. 

Their customer support has received significant positive feedback. With reviews highlighting the responsiveness and effectiveness of the support team, clients can expect a reliable partner in WP SitePlan. However, we were disappointed by the fact that the basic plan doesn’t give you access to this amazing support team. That is never great. 


  • Updates WordPress core, plugins, and themes
  • Disables file editing
  • Limits logins
  • Configures strong passwords
  • Installs powerful firewall
  • Scans for malware


  • Great hardening features
  • Helpful support team
  • Free resources


  • Basic plan doesn’t include support

Price: Plans range from $59 to $229 a month.

10. Valet

Valet sets itself apart in the world of website security and management by offering an expansive suite of services that truly covers all bases. Every aspect of your website is managed, diagnosed, and optimized. Whether it’s crafting compelling content, enhancing SEO, designing and developing your website, or even handling the nitty-gritty of website hosting and migrations, Valet does it all. And when they say they’re a full-service company, they mean every word of it.

One of the standout features of working with Valet is that they review all plugins installed on your site. This makes sure that the plugins that have been installed are good quality, safe and not vulnerable. They’re also on top of updates, backups, performance tuning, and safeguarding your site from hacks and malware. 

On the flip side, there isn’t much information about how they protect your site. Nor are they transparent about their pricing. You have to get in touch with them for a quote.


  • Diagnoses potential vulnerabilities
  • Assists with content creation
  • Provides SEO optimization
  • Offers web design and development
  • Manages website hosting
  • Helps with consultation and migrations
  • Manages unused or unnecessary plugins
  • Manages updates and backups
  • Optimizes for performance
  • Provides hack and malware protection


  • Comprehensive suite of services
  • Expert content creation and SEO
  • Thorough plugin management


  • Very little transparency
  • Not designed for small sites

Price: It isn’t publicly available. You have to set up a consultation, discuss your requirements first. 

11. Seahawk

Seahawk offers a lot of essential services like site updates, backups, security monitoring, and performance optimization. This can be really time-saving. Updates, for example, may seem as simple as clicking the Update button on your dashboard. In reality, updating code on your website comes with its own set of risks. There’s potential for compatibility issues that can break your site, or certain features. If updates aren’t tested properly in a staging environment, they could lead to unexpected downtime. Without proper backups, a flawed update could result in a lot of data loss. You have to research the changelog reviews and test your updates on a staging site. This is why a good maintenance service like Seahawk will handle updates for you. 

As a side note, they also have some free tools that you may find helpful. They have a performance checker, broken links checker and a malware scanner. We tested the scanner with a test site that was chock full of malware. And the test came out clean. Not great. 

They have some really good resources though. Tutorials and podcasts are available on their site. They cover a range of topics like the latest in WordPress news to SEO and tech. If that is something you’d be interested in, Seahawk can help. 


  • Offers 24/7 support
  • Maintains backups and restores
  • Optimizes for speed and performance
  • Offers regular malware scanning 
  • Helps remove any malware, if detected
  • Manages all updates: themes, core, plugins


  • Offers dedicated site account managers
  • Great emergency support
  • Simple pricing structure


  • Unreliable malware scanner 

Price: You can either pay a monthly fee of $99 or an annual price of $999. 

Alternatives to managed WordPress security services

If you’re ready to take charge of your site security, we’ve got some options for you. Your best option is to use a security plugin. Secure web hosting is a vague term and can include (and not include) a lot of things. Let’s talk about what either of those two options would look like for you. 

1. Web hosts 

Hosts usually focus on server-side security, which is like building a strong fence around your site to keep trouble out. But some, like Cloudways, go a step further by also adding layers of protection right inside your WordPress site. How? They team up with security plugins.

Cloudways uses MalCare’s advanced firewall, which includes bot protection. This means Cloudways is fighting off bad guys at the fence and at the doorstep. It’s a pretty solid plan for WordPress site owners who want to sleep easy, knowing they’re covered from all angles without having to juggle a bunch of security tasks themselves. 

Features of Cloudways

  • DDoS attack protection
  • Login attack mitigation
  • Content scraper blocking
  • HTTP3 support
  • MalCare firewall protection
  • WordPress core safe updates
  • Web application firewalls
  • Secure SSH and SFTP connections
  • Automatic and off-site backups
  • Easy SSL installation
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • IP whitelisting

If you’re looking for alternatives to Cloudways, some other popular hosts are Kinsta and WP Engine. 

2. Security plugin

The right security plugin can be a game-changer for WordPress site owners. It offers a specific kind of peace of mind. Think of it as having a diligent guardian for your site, constantly on the lookout for potential threats. 

But, a security plugin doesn’t mean that you have to do everything by yourself. With plugins like MalCare, there is very little configuration required. Just install the plugin. It has a very intuitive dashboard that helps you monitor your security off-site. 

For many, especially those managing their sites hands-on, a security plugin like MalCare offers significant benefits over managed WordPress security services. It strikes the perfect balance between autonomy and security, allowing site owners to maintain control while ensuring robust protection.

Features of MalCare

  • Intelligent scanning for stealthy threats
  • Automated malware removal
  • Minimal impact on site performance
  • Daily security checks
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Firewall protection
  • Login protection
  • Site hardening measures
  • Real-time alerts
  • White-labeling for agencies
  • Integrated backups
  • One-click site cleanups

If you’d like more information, we’ve tested all the top WordPress security plugins thoroughly with malware. 

What goes into managing your WordPress security?

Properly managing WordPress security involves a comprehensive approach to protect your site from potential threats. Here’s what goes into fortifying your WordPress site:

  • Regular software and plugin updates: Keeping everything updated is crucial because updates often patch existing security vulnerabilities. But, it’s important to do it safely. An incompatibility with the update can cause a crash. This is why we recommend that you use a plugin like MalCare. MalCare has a feature called UpdateLens that takes a lot of metrics into account and scores an update on how safe it is. 
  • Strong passwords and user permissions: Robust passwords and limited user permissions reduce the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Web firewall and malware scanning: A firewall blocks hacking attempts before they reach your site, while regular malware scans detect and clean up any infiltration. MalCare provides both, fortifying your WordPress site against intrusions.
  • Daily backups and easy restore: Backups ensure that you can quickly restore your site if anything goes wrong. Having an easy restore means that you can recover your site from a backup as quickly as possible. Ideally, your backups should be reliable, regular, and stored offsite. MalCare does it all for you. 
  • Two-factor authentication implementation: Adding 2FA introduces an additional hurdle for attackers even if they manage to get hold of user passwords, immensely boosting login security.
  • SSL certificate for encrypted connections: An SSL certificate encrypts data transferred between your site and its visitors, protecting sensitive information from being intercepted.
  • Limit login attempts feature: Restricting failed login attempts helps thwart brute force attacks, reducing the chance of unauthorized access through repeated password guessing.
  • Monitor and block suspicious IPs: Actively monitoring and blocking IPs that exhibit suspicious behavior can prevent a wide range of attacks, from spam to repeated login attempts.

Final thoughts

ThriveWP stands out as the top choice for those seeking a managed WordPress security service, offering robust protection tailored to your site’s needs. However, if you’re inclined towards a more hands-on approach to managing your website’s security, pairing Cloudways with MalCare could be the ideal solution. This combination empowers you with comprehensive, user-friendly tools to safeguard your site without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

All three options—ThriveWP, Cloudways, and MalCare—are lauded for their reliability and ease of use, providing you with peace of mind knowing your website is well-protected against digital threats.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to your personal preference and the specific needs of your WordPress site. Assess the level of involvement you wish to have in your site’s security management and choose accordingly. Whichever route you decide to take, you can rest assured that your site’s security is in capable hands, allowing you to focus on growing your digital presence.


Do you need a security service?

Yes, considering the constant threats in the digital landscape, a security service is crucial for protecting your WordPress website from malware, hacks, and other vulnerabilities. It offers peace of mind and ensures your site remains safe and operational.

What is the best security plugin?

MalCare is the best WordPress security plugin, highly regarded for its comprehensive, user-friendly security solutions that include malware scanning and removal, firewall protection, and other robust security features without slowing down your site.

What is in a WordPress security checklist?

A WordPress security checklist typically includes:

  • Regular updates of WordPress core, plugins, and themes
  • Strong passwords and user permissions management
  • Installation of a reputable security plugin
  • Enabling a web application firewall
  • Implementing daily backups
  • Use of SSL certificates
  • Two-factor authentication for logins
  • Limiting login attempts

How do I manage security in WordPress?

You can manage security in WordPress by:

  • Keeping your WordPress core, plugins, and themes updated
  • Using strong passwords and implementing user role management
  • Installing a reliable security plugin like MalCare
  • Setting up a web application firewall with a security plugin
  • Scheduling regular malware scans with plugins like MalCare
  • Enabling SSL and two-factor authentication
  • Performing regular backups
  • Monitoring your site for suspicious activities

Does WordPress have built-in security?

WordPress includes some built-in security features, such as the option to enforce strong passwords and automatic updates for minor releases. However, for comprehensive protection, additional measures like security plugins and services are recommended.

What does managed WordPress do?

Managed WordPress hosting provides a suite of services beyond basic hosting. This includes automatic updates, daily backups, security checks, and performance optimization specifically for WordPress websites. This allows site owners to focus more on their content than on technical maintenance.

What is the difference between WordPress and managed WordPress?

WordPress is a free, open-source content management system. You can install it on any hosting platform and manage it yourself. Managed WordPress refers to a hosting service where the provider takes care of most of the technical aspects of running WordPress. This may include security, backups, updates, and performance optimization, offering a hassle-free experience for site owners.


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How can we help you?

If you’re worried that your website has been hacked, MalCare can help you quickly fix the issue and secure your site to prevent future hacks.

My site is hacked – Help me clean it

Clean your site with MalCare’s AntiVirus solution within minutes. It will remove all malware from your complete site. Guaranteed.

Secure my WordPress Site from hackers

MalCare’s 7-Layer Security Offers Complete Protection for Your Website. 300,000+ Websites Trust MalCare for Total Defence from Attacks.