Google AdWords Account Suspended? Here’s How To Fix It

Jan 9, 2019

Google AdWords Account Suspended? Here’s How To Fix It

Jan 9, 2019

If you received a notification that your Google Adwords Account has been suspended, you need to fix it quickly. There are several consequences you could face and we understand the panic and worry that comes with it.

If you depend on Adwords to generate traffic and sales, you could see a drastic decrease, that will ultimately pull down revenue. What’s worse? If your Adwords account is suspended, you won’t be able to forget about this one and create a new one. Google will track and suspend any new accounts you create.

It has very detailed and strict advertising policies and if we want to use their services to get exposure to millions of targeted customers, we need to adhere to it.

The first step in rectifying the Adwords account suspensions is to understand the reason why it happened. Then we can proceed to fix the issue with your Adwords account and getting the suspension removed. Lastly, we’ll give you tips on what to do to prevent it in the future.


If Google has suspended your Adwords account because your site is hacked, you need to fix it immediately. You can use Google Adwords Hack Removal Plugin to detect and clean all trace of malware on your site then submitting your site to Google for review.

Why is your Google Adwords Account Suspended?

Google is the most popular search engine with 92.36% of the market share for a reason. It ensures the safety of its users and caters to their needs above everything else.


why Google Adwords Account Suspension


Google allows you as a business to advertise your product or service on their search engine page results (SERPs). It’s a good give and take – they earn revenue and you get exposure to millions of targeted customers.

But handling advertisements on a scale of millions is not an easy task. Therefore, it has very strict advertising policies in place. The tricky thing to Google’s policies is that they are quite vague. You can’t be 100% sure what Google will like and what they will let slide.

Now we know the suspension notice on your website is startling, especially if you have no clue what you’ve done wrong.

Google has very lengthy and detailed policies on alcohol, copyrighted content, gambling, pornography, and dangerous goods and services, among a long list of things. It’s also very strict when it comes to counterfeit goods or misleading content. Google policies differ between countries as it adheres to the respective laws of each country.


Google Advertising Policies List


So first, let’s understand why Google suspended your account:

1. Bad User Experience

In all its endeavors, Google strives to provide the best user experience. If you’re using a strategy that does not provide the best user experience, Google will take action.

For example, you promote an ad to drive traffic to your site, but once the users land on your site, you don’t deliver what the ad suggested, or your website bombards the user with ads and doesn’t provide a good user experience. Google will not continue to promote your ads and your Google Adwords account can be suspended.

2. Cloaking Advertisements

Cloaking is a practice in which the website owner displays different content/URLs to users and different ones to the crawlers/search engine bots. This is something that is caught on a regular basis and if you tried doing this, you probably couldn’t run your ad for too long.

Any dishonest business practices, misleading ads, intentionally concealing information, etc. are cause for suspension.

3. Payment & Billing Issues

If you haven’t cleared your outstanding dues towards advertisements you’ve already run, Google will send you repeated reminders before suspending your account.

You could also be suspended if you sell promotional codes or use it on more than one account.

There are instances where customers have deliberately instructed their bank or credit card company to reverse the charges paid towards Google AdWord accounts in order to get a free ride.

If the payment was legitimate and you have reversed the charge, it goes against their policy. Any suspicious payments can result in your account being suspended.

4. Running a Website Infected With Malware

Fist step is to check is your website hacked. If your website is hacked, chances are your ads will become malicious by displaying illegal products, adult content, directing traffic to other websites, etc. Google will ban your ads to protect visitors because the malware can spread through malvertisements.

We’ll go into this in detail because among all the reasons for Google Adwords suspension, one that we come across time and time again is a hacked WordPress website.

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What Happens When Google Finds Your Site Is Hacked?

It’s estimated that there are over 1.8 million websites infected with malware at any given point. Often, website owners are unaware of the hack until Google suspends accounts.

If your website suddenly slows down or you notice a new admin user or a new plugin installed that you don’t recognise, you can be sure these are signs your WordPress site is hacked, but it’s best to get a malware scanner to do a thorough check.

You must understand that while being hacked is harmful to your site, it can potentially harm visitor’s computers, compromise their data, or even dupe them into buying illegal/spurious goods.

If you have a hacked website, not only will your Adwords account get suspended, but it’s cause for immediate blacklisting of the entire website.

What Is Google Blacklisting?

Google shoulders the responsibility of providing its users with a safe environment. Google Safe Browsing prevents users from opening dangerous websites or downloading dangerous content. If a visitor attempts to visit a malware-infected website, it displays a warning. One of the warnings displayed looks like this:


google blacklist


Google also notifies website owners that their site is compromised and also helps them diagnose and fix the issue. Safe Browsing applies across all of Google’s products including Adwords.

To remove Google blacklisting and Adwords suspensions, you need to clean your website of any malware and then submit an appeal to Google to review.

Note: You will be able to access your suspended account but you are no longer allowed to run ads or create new content.

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How to Fix Your AdWords Account?

In order to remove the suspension, you first need to review Google’s advertising policies in detail. Make sure you understand where you went wrong and whether it can be rectified.


Fix Google Adwords Account Suspension


1. Fix Disapproved Ads

Step 1: Login to your Google Adwords account. After that, go to the Ads or Ad extensions tab.

Step 2: Now go over to the “Status” column. Next to ‘Disapproved’, a white speech bubble appears. Click on one of the reasons to learn more about the ads policies.

Step 3: Next, hover over the ad or extension. A pencil icon should appear. Clicking on it enables you to edit the ad.

Step 4: Then, you make necessary changes and fix the disapproved ads or extension so that it complies with the policy.

Step 5: Finally, hit ‘Save.’

2. Rectifying Payment Issues

If your account was suspended by Google due to payment related issues, you need to:

    • Clear all your outstanding dues.
    • Check with your bank to ensure there were no suspicious transactions from your account.
    • Provide new payment methods if the old one was is invalid.

Once you fix the violation of payment terms, you can proceed to remove suspension from your site.

3. Cleaning Malware Infections

If you suspect you’ve been suspended due to malware on your site, don’t stress, cleaning it is simple. You first need to scan your website for malicious code. You can do this using a WordPress security plugin.

Now, choosing the right security plugin is important because you cannot risk even a trace of malware on your site when you submit your appeal to Google. Many security plugins rely on a scanning method that used signature or pattern matching. In this method, the scanner looks for code that has already been detected and identified as malicious code in the past. The problem with this is:

  1. Hackers smartly disguise or hide their code. The scanner can miss such hidden malware easily.
  2. Sometimes plugins use the same codes legitimately. This leads to false positives.
  3. Any new malicious code goes undetected.

This is why we recommend the MalCare security plugin to scan and clean your site. It goes beyond signature matching and analyses the behaviour of code to determine whether it is truly malicious. This way, you don’t see any false positives and even the most complex hidden hacks are found.

Cleaning Malware With MalCare

Step 1: Sign up with MalCare and set up an account. After that, MalCare will automatically start scanning your website. Once the scan is complete, it will notify you of the malware found.


malcare scan


Step 2: Next, you can then proceed to ‘auto-clean’ your website. And within a few minutes, your website will be squeaky clean.


malcare clean


Note: Getting rid of malware is only step one. You also need to scan backdoors and WordPress vulnerabilities present on your site that allowed the hack to happen in the first place.

MalCare will take care of this for you when you scan and clean your site. It will block unauthorised access, malicious IPs and bad bots. You can also update all your software from the same dashboard, implement stricter website security and stay safe from future attacks.

We recommend you check your website to ensure it’s functioning properly and then run a scan again just to be 100% sure you are free of malware.

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How to Unsuspend Your Google Adwords Account?

Only once you can guarantee you’ve rectified the error, visit the Help Center and submit the appeal. You need to fill up the form and submit it, and the Google team will assign a specialist to your case. They will review your application and respond within 3-5 business days.

Tip: Do not create any new AdWord ads accounts. Google will  suspend it and that can make matters worse.

If Google finds good in your case, they will unsuspend your Adwords account and you can get back to business.

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What If Appeal to Remove Account Suspension Is Rejected

Now in case you’re appeal was rejected, you have two options:

  1. Request for a refund
  2. Contact the Adwords Team

If you want to close your account and get a refund of any account balance, Google gives you that option. If you want to take your case further and speak to a representative from Google, you can contact them. We’ll show you how to do both.

1. Request For a Refund

You need to cancel your Google Ads account first and then any unused account balance will be refunded. This can take between 4-12 weeks. To cancel your account:

  1. Sign in to your Google Adwords Account and click on the tools icon (upper-right corner).
  2. Then click on Setup > Preferences.
  3. Choose Account Status and there you’ll be able to select ‘Cancel’ my account.

In case you don’t see the option to cancel your account, you need to check out requirements for cancellation. For more information on refunds, visit the managing billing section.

2. Contact the Google Adwords Team

We would not recommend contacting any Google helpline number available online on third-party websites and comments sections. Please refer only to the official Google website.

Now, most numbers available connect you to experts that can help you set up Adwords accounts. To get help with unsuspending your account, we would recommend visiting the Help Center’s Contact Us section. Describe your issue and skip to ‘Next Step’. You’ll get an option to Chat or Email.

With that you have come to the end of how to fix Google Adwords suspension.

It’s worth mentioning that hacked websites can face other issues like web host suspension and ranking for wrong keywords (pharma hack). We strongly suggest that you find out if your website is facing these issues and proceed to fix them.

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Final Thoughts

In many cases, suspensions happen after repeated violations of Google’s Adword policies. For instance, if we submit ads that get rejected multiple times because it doesn’t adhere to the standards and rules, we risk the suspension of the whole account.

Many businesses – especially small ones – depend greatly on Google Adwords to generate traffic and drive potential customers to their site. Without it, it could mean the end of the business itself. That is why we suggest you take the following measures to prevent Google Adwords account suspension –

  • If you choose to use Adwords to promote your business, be sure to brush up on their policies.
  • Be sure to take proactive security measures by keeping a security plugin active on your site to ward off hackers. We recommend installing MalCare as it will regularly scan your site, block malicious traffic and give you access to instant cleanups.
  • Besides these, also take appropriate site hardening measures to ensure that your website remains protected from future hack attacks.
  • After you have fixed your website, submit your appeal to successfully remove the suspension. There you go!

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