Our Most-anticipated Feature: 1-click Cleanups


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Your website needs the most comprehensive security to protect it from the constant attacks it faces everyday.


For the last 2 months, we’ve been working round-the-clock

We’ve added:

  • An Activity Log, 
  • A Lock Plugin/Theme feature 
  • A Custom Work function in Reports, 
  • A Snazzy new UI

We also attended to 1000+ tickets!

You’d think that’s a lot to do, but wait, that’s not even the big reveal!

We have optimised our Malware Cleanups…

down to one-click.

You see, our Malware Cleanup Feature had customers raving about us, right from the beginning.

But if there’s one thing we believe in at MalCare, it’s that there is no end to product development. We are constantly evolving!

After in-depth feedback from customers and many sleepless nights spent on research and coding, we’ve done it. A hacked site is now just one-click away from being 100% clean.

Let’s dive into what makes this feature so special. 

Why Would You Need 1-click Cleanups? 

To understand this, we need to first look at how cleanups work in the WordPress Industry.

When your site gets hacked, you’re most likely to turn to a malware removal service or plugin. There are more than 50 different plugins on the WordPress Repository that claim to do this.

Say you’ve installed and activated one of them. Ideally, it should:

  1. Scan your site
  2. Identify the malware
  3. Remove malware

But here’s the doozy. 

It’s a lot more complicated than that! 

We tested out the top 12 malware scan and clean plugins from the repository.

Here are a few things we were asked to do in order to clean the site:

  1. Add email address and other details to get an activation key 
  2. Run a Scan to identify infected files 
  3. Choose type of scan/ which components are to be scanned 
  4. Manually go through websites files and delete the files which were infected 
  5. Use Filezilla via FTP to manually remove infected files 
  6. Upgrade to get your site cleaned for a 1-time fee

With most of the plugins, there were many smaller steps to take along the way. All in all, cleaning a site took anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

That is the main issue here. 

When your site is hacked, every second is precious! Going back to look for credentials, identifying and comparing files etc., are just adding to the stress.

Full Disclosure: we used to ask for FTP credentials to clean a site. This is simply because it is a secure and simpler way for us to clean a site.

But the need for FTP-less cleanups was growing by the day. 

Customers managing multiple sites told us it was frustrating to go back and forth whenever they had to clean a site

This pushed us to work on a faster and simpler cleanup process. Enter 1-click cleanups!

What Is The 1-click Malware Cleanup Process?

Our new cleanup process is as simple as it gets.

  • Once our plugin is installed and activated, it automatically scans your website for malware. 

  • If malware is found, it is immediately reflected in the dashboard. You are also notified via email and Slack. 
  • To clean the malware, click on “Auto-Clean”. 

And that’s literally it. Your site is then automatically cleaned, in less than a minute!

What Are The Benefits Of A 1-click Malware Cleanup? 

Aside from being a huge leap in product innovation, the 1-Click Malware Cleanup feature has some sweet benefits: 

  1. Be hack-free in half the time: The entire cleanup process takes <5 minutes. Most hacks cause your site to crash or redirect to other sites. With faster cleanups, your site is back up in no time.

  2. Minimise website downtime: A site crash or redirection always results in downtime where your site is inaccessible. Lesser downtime = Lesser Impact on SEO and reputation. 

  3. Retain traffic and sales: With your site up and running in minutes, you do not lose any site visitors or orders.

  4. As real-time as it gets: WIth instant notifications via email and Slack, you can catch a hack and clean it up so fast – it’s almost real-time!

  5. No credentials required: Unlike other malware cleaning plugins or services, we do not ask for any credentials or additional details. Sit back and relax, it’s all done for you!

  6. No Technical knowledge needed: The process is literally just clicking a button. No more running around trying to find credentials or identifying files. Anyone can do it!

  7. Less stress: Let’s face it, a hack is probably the most stressful thing that can happen to your site. The longer it stays hacked, the more stressed you can get. With a super-fast cleanup, there is a significant reduction in the effort and energy spent.

What’s Next? 

It’s only been a week since this feature went live and we’ve had an overwhelming response.

Thank you all for supporting us and for sharing your feedback!

Next up, we’re focusing on incorporating the same technology to our Restore function. Very soon, you will be able to restore your backups at the click of a button!

In case you haven’t tested out all our new features – Check it out now!

And if you don’t know this by now, we pretty much live and breathe customer feedback. In fact, feedback serves as the basis for our product roadmap.

So, if you can spare 10 seconds to drop a tweet and show us the love… 

… We promise to give our developers better coffee. ☕

Just think about it. One tweet from you = better coffee for the people who are making your site more secure!


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