Website suspended by Web host or blacklisted by google?

Get MalCare’s emergency manual website malware removal service.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Website cleaned within 12 hours

Full Hack Cleanup (No Page Limits)

Guaranteed Cleanup or 300% money back

Dedicated Security Analyst

Trusted by over 50,000 customers

Exceptional Customer Support


*Money back guarantee

*renews at $99/year

Guaranteed Manual Cleanup by Security Analyst

Guaranteed Manual Cleanup by Security Analyst

60 Secs sign-up – Fast and Easy!

Don’t take our word for it!

How does it work? 

Our website malware removal service will clean your website as soon as your payment is processed. 

Get in touch 

Pay a one-time fee of $249 for MalCare’s WordPress malware removal service

Get in touch 

Pay a one-time fee of $249 for MalCare’s WordPress malware removal service

Get in touch 

Pay a one-time fee of $249 for MalCare’s WordPress malware removal service

Fail-proof Malware Cleanup for your Hacked Website

Malware Scanning

Managing multiple sites is a breeze with WP Remote dashboard. Get latest updates for all the sites on a single page, and update them all with the click of a button.

Expert Analysis

A team of dedicated security analysts work on malware and virus removal on your WordPress site.

Malware Removal

We clean your site end-to-end by removing all malware injections, malicious files, and backdoors.

Detailed Report

Access beautiful and detailed web security status reports that you can share with your clients in just a few clicks.

WordPress Hardening

WordPress-recommended website hardening measures to protect your site from hackers, bots, and botnets.

Login Page Protection

Protects your WordPress sites from Brute Force attacks from malicious bots with the help of CAPTCHA.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when I get a malware warning from Google?

When Google blacklists your WordPress site because it’s hacked, the first thing you need to do is clean your hacked site. And then follow this guide on Blacklist Removal.

What do I need to clean my website?

To obtain a clean website, we will need to get in touch with your hosting provider and also you’ll need to access your web server and its associated files. We get this access in the form of FTP, SFTP, or SSH access to your server. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, sFTP for Secure File Transfer Protocol, and SSH for Secure Shell. These are connection protocol mechanisms that allow us to log into servers to edit/add/remove files. These connection protocols allow us to log into your websites, specifically the server, and perform the remediation process. If you for some reason are unfamiliar with these protocols, don’t worry, our team of analysts is prepared to assist you in the process. To do so, you’ll need to be willing to share access information to your hosting account. Get in touch with your hosting company. We covered how to clean a website here. Here’s a tutorial on How to Find FTP Credentials and another tutorial on How to Locate a Folder Where WordPress is Installed?

Will you clean if my website is hacked?

Yes, we will clean your website if it’s currently hacked. Please take a look at this guide – How to clean a hacked website?

How long does it take to remove malware from a WordPress website?

It really depends on the size of the website. To remove virus from website with MalCare usually takes 5-10 mins, on average.

Can MalCare do a malware website test?

Yes, MalCare scanner (of one of the best WordPress malware scan plugin) can test your website in search of WordPress virus.

Will cleaning my site have a negative impact on my website traffic?

No, MalCare will scan your website and then clean it. You can scan website for vulnerabilities and then clean the vulnerabilities won’t have any effect on your traffic.

My WordPress hosting provides cleaning services, do I need MalCare cleanup services?

Unlike hosting companies, MalCare provides quick clean-up that you can perform yourself. For fast clean ups, use MalCare.

How to clean malicious codes from the website manually?

There are several tutorials on removing malware manually available online. But manual removal is difficult and often inefficient which is why we’d recommend you to go for website malware removal service like MalCare. It’s one of the best website malware removal other there. Besides using MalCare, as a website owner you need to be careful regarding WordPress malware protection. Stay vigilant, look up for malicious website example to avoid top malicious websites, use web application firewall among other things.

Can MalCare scan WordPress database for malware?

Yes, it can!

How to fix virus infected website?

For fixing hacked and virus-infected website, you will have to clean the site using MalCare’s auto-clean feature.

What if I want to clean additional sites?

If more than one site is hacked, then you have to add those websites to your MalCare account. If your MalCare account is only limited to one website then, you must upgrade. Only then can you get your sites clean.

Will MalCare only remove infected website code?

Yes, MalCare – one of the best WordPress malware removal plugin will only remove the infected code. Your files will remain unaffected and you won’t lose anything.

Does MalCare clean WordPress themes and plugins?

MalCare cleans the entire site including WordPress plugins and themes. Sometimes in a WordPress hack, hackers leave behind malicious themes and plugins that they can use to enter the site in the future.

Does MalCare affect the WordPress speed?

No, MalCare will only fix WordPress site and not affect the speed of the site. It helps in cleaning your site and by enabling you to take steps to remove web malware from your site.

I could not auto-clean my website. What do I do?

If you can remove website malware using the Auto-Clean button, send an email to the support team on Our engineers will investigate the file and manually remove the malware and protect your website.

Will cleaning my site ensure site security from future attacks?

Cleaning alone will not ensure your website security. It will only repair hacked website or site infected with malware. MalCare Auto-Clean will remove the malware. But MalCare security service also comes equipped with various features for security enhancements for your websites security.

Does MalCare come with a free website malware scanner?

Yes. MalCare has a free version that comes with one of the best website malware scanner and website firewall. Also, it will prevent future attacks and keep your website safe.

Is MalCare a free website malware removal tool?

No. MalCare’s automated clean up service is a premium service and not a free tool.

What are some of the other WordPress tools to remove malicious codes from my website?

There are several like Wordfence plugin, iThemes for WordPress websites, etc. MalCare will also help you fix malware, provide website protection and finally prevent hackers from getting you any further security issues.

How to clean malicious codes from WordPress websites?

To remove malware from a WordPress website, you need to clean the site using MalCare’s Auto-Clean feature.

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