Maximize Your WebSite’s Protection With MalCare


Comprehensive Powerful Malware Scan

Mitigate getting blacklisted by Google, being blocked by Webhosts or any possible security threats from the most complex malwares with MalCare’s comprehensive and powerful automatic website malware scanning.

Early Detection of Malware

Our automatic scanner instantly alerts you of any malware detected on your website. Scan your website from our dashboard, whenever you want. MalCare keeps track of all file modifications for an early detection of malware.


Find most complicated malwares

Detect even the most complicated and under-the-radar running malwares. MalCare intelligently uses more than 100 signals to investigate the website code ensuring that no malware skips our watch.

Instant Malware Clean

Take control of your website and remove the malwares as soon as it is identified. No longer be at the mercy of a remote team to help you clean the site.


One-Click Malware Removal

Get rid of malwares in your site, with MalCare’s instant one-click malware removal. MalCare is the easiest and fastest way to ensure your site is spotless, and contains no malware.


Control the fate of your site

Identify and clean out the malwares on your own as soon as identified. Take control and weed out the hacks on your website before anyone blacklists or blocks your website.

Remove The Complex Malware

Clean even the most complicated and under-the-radar running malwares. MalCare’s intensive cleanup will leave no stones unturned in restoring your site health completely.

Powerful Malware Protection

Malcare’s protection suite will fortify and protect your site from all malicious attacks.


Login Protection

Block brute force login attempts to stop malicious bots from gaining unauthorized access to your site. MalCare keeps a close watch on such activities and blocks them automatically.

Implement best security practices for Site Hardening

MalCare offers easy one-click WordPress Hardening and a robust Firewall to keep malware out of your site. From disabling the file editor, to blocking suspicious requests, MalCare covers it all. So stay safe from brute force attacks by hackers, bots, and botnets.

Zero Load with Highest Accuracy

No more false alarms on malwares. Never lose a visitor with our Zero load scanners.

No Overload on your Scanner

MalCare’s scanner runs on our servers thus ensuring that there is Zero load on your website.

Accurate - Minimal False Positives

Take action on your website only when needed without getting distracted by any false alarms. MalCare alarms you only if a harmful malware has been detected without the false-positives.

Integrated Secure BackUp

You are always protected with secure automatic website Backups powered by BlogVault which ensures that you have access to your backups when you need them. Backups are absolutely Zero load on your website.

Backups that always work

BlogVault intelligently identifies the website environment and performs backup in small pieces and incrementally to successfully backup even the largest WordPress websites. BlogVault’s backup solution performs complete backups, including custom tables and files.

Automatic Daily & Real-time backups

Backups are taken automatically every day with the flexibility to schedule them as well. BlogVault’s powerful Real-Time backup solution, tracks all the changes as they occur on your website and takes a backup instantaneously.

See what our customers say about us

When you are backing up a site MalCare will tell you, if that site is infected and will clean it up for you. Another way for us web developers to save valuable time and resources! MalCare is magical.

Miriam Schwab

Founder & CEO, Illuminea and Strattic

MalCare makes it is so easy to clean up the site in just one-click. I love that I am no longer at the mercy of someone else. I don’t spend hours stressing about malwares in my website.

Founder, Templatic Premium WordPress Themes