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Deep malware scanning, instant malware removal, and ongoing website protection for complete WordPress security.

How does MalCare help your website?

Comprehensive Powerful Malware Scan

The only WordPress malware scanner that will never overload your server


Detects Malware that other Plugins Miss

Our intelligent scanner detects ‘Unknown’ malware that other plugins easily miss.

Scheduled Automatic Scans

MalCare automatically runs daily scans on your website so you receive up-to-date daily security reports in your email every single day.

Complete WordPress Scanning

From WordPress files to the WordPress database, MalCare automatically tracks changes in every part of your site to detect malware.

Zero server overload. Ever.

We run our deep scans on our own servers ensuring your server is never overloaded.

Unlimited On-Demand Scans

Website acting strange? Use our on-demand scan feature any time you need to instantly scan your WordPress website.

Minimal False Positives

MalCare is carefully and intelligently designed to ensure minimal false positives reporting so that you only take action when needed.

One-Click Malware Removal

Fully automated malware removal that gives you complete control of your site without any delays or external support.

Targeted Malware Removal

MalCare’s precise malware removal targets the exact malware location without affecting the rest of your site.

Future Protection Guaranteed

MalCare’s self learning algorithm continuously learns from every attack to identify vulnerabilities on your site and plug them forever.

Unlimited Malware Cleanups

Take action against malware without burning a hole in your pocket. Unlimited malware cleanups at no extra cost.

Removes even unknown malware

MalCare looks beyond known malware signals to identify and clean even unknown and complex malware.

Truly made for Everyone

You don’t need to have a WordPress or security expert to clean your site. Malcare pulls all the stops so you are always in control of your site.

Instant Malware Clean

No more waiting for days or hours to clean your website. The only WordPress malware removal plugin that cleans your website of malicious code with surgical precision in one click.

Powerful Malware Protection

MalCare’s malware protect features are designed to fortify and protect your site from malicious attacks, hackers, and bots.

In-built WordPress Firewall

A powerful firewall that analyses every IP request to keep malicious traffic and hackers away from your site. It also preemptively blocks IPs with malicious intent from even sending requests to your site.

Captcha based Login Protection

MalCare triggers automatic Captcha to protect your site from bots trying to gain unauthorized access to your site.

Basic Website Hardening

Implement WordPress recommended website security tips like disabling file editing, protecting Uploads folder.

Brute Force Protection

MalCare prevents Brute Force Attacks by limiting the number of failed login attempts by an IP. It also preemptively blocks IPs with malicious intent on even sending requests to your site.

Alerts for Suspicious Logins

MalCare’s audit log identifies and records all instances of unauthorized access to your WordPress admin.

Advanced WordPress Protection

Easily implement advanced measures features like disabling plugin installation, and changing security keys.

Automatic Daily Backups

Daily automatic backups that you can schedule at a time of your choice. Access up to 90 days of backups from your dashboard.

Zero load Backups

BlogVault intelligently identifies website changes to perform incremental backups that ensure zero server overload even while backing up large websites.

Independent Offsite Backups

Access backups even when your site is down – thanks to BlogVault’s independent backup storage that you can access from its dashboard.

Unlimited On-Demand Backups

Backup your website whenever you want to – at the click of a button with our flexible on-demand WordPress backup feature.

Complete WordPress Backups

Complete backups guaranteed. Files, tables, links, pages, plugins, themes, images, custom tables. You name it. BlogVault has it.

Real-Time Backups for WooCommerce

BlogVault’s Real-Time backup solution tracks changes as they occur on your website and takes a backup instantaneously.

Integrated Secure Backups

With secure automatic website Backups powered by BlogVault, you are assured to have access to your backups when you need them, right from your MalCare dashboard.

Perfect for Agencies and Developers

A powerful site management dashboard with WordPress security, backups, staging, merging, team collaboration, reporting, and a White-label solution.

Free Staging Environment

Use MalCare’s inbuilt Staging and Merging feature to create free staging sites, test changes and share them with your clients.

Team Collaboration made easy

Add team members, clients, and tags for all your websites on the Malcare dashboard to effortlessly get all hands on board.

Exclusive White-label solution

Use MalCare’s first-in-class white-labeling solution to re-brand MalCare plugin as your own or hide it completely.

Manage Multiple WordPress sites

Use the MalCare dashboard to centrally manage and maintain plugins, themes and WordPress core for all your WordPress sites.

User Roles and Access Permissions

Centrally manage team members by assigning user roles and granting access permissions based on these roles.

Generate Out-of-the-Box Reports for Clients

Scheduled and on-demand website security reports for all your websites – at your fingertips.

What makes MalCare the Best WordPress Security Plugin?

Setup in 60 secs

Get started in no time. Log in. Auto-Install. Done.

Complete Security

360° Comprehensive WordPress website Security

No Hidden Charges

Scanning, Cleaning, Protection. Everything you need. No additional charges.

See what our customers say about us

I do believe MalCare is one of the best options out there for those who manage and secure multiple WP websites

David Attard


MalCare makes it is so easy to clean up the site in just one-click. I love that I am no longer at the mercy of someone else. I don’t spend hours stressing about malwares in my website.
R. Bhavesh

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Questions you might have about our WordPress Security Plugin

Are malware cleanups automatic?

MalCare’s malware clean up process is automatic. Our uniquely developed system makes the process easy. There is no need for any human intervention. Kindly have a look at our guide on how to auto-cleanup a site.

Can I malware protect multiple websites?

Yes, you can add multiple sites to MalCare dashboard. Malware protect them from brute force attacks, multiple login attempts, bot attacks etc.

We highly recommend the Business or Developer plans if you have a large number of users. With MalCare’s WordPress management feature, you can manage multiple websites. It also enables multiple users to work together as a team. These plans are perfect for agencies and developers, small businesses, and designers.

Can I malware scan multiple websites?

Yes, of course, you can! MalCare can malware scan multiple websites. If you have more than one website, we highly recommend the Business or Developer plans.

How is MalCare perfect for agencies and developers?

MalCare’s Business or Developer plans is especially designed for agencies and developers. Take a look at the three following features:

  • We have developer-friendly plans that are easy on the wallet. Some developers or agencies that host only 10 websites. For them, enterprise-level security plans might be expensive. If you’ve got anything more than seven sites, take a look at our unlimited plans.
  • Our auto-clean feature makes sure that you can clean all your sites by yourself, so you don’t waste precious time.
  • MalCare’s regular scans alert you immediately whenever it identifies hacks. All your sites are always secure.

Take a look at MalCare Pricing Plans.

I got an email regarding manual malware clean up. What now?

If you are having problems cleaning your website, send us an email at Our engineers will investigate the problem and will remove the malware manually.

How does malware protect work in MalCare?

We malware protect your website using our features like Firewall and Login Protection. The firewall evaluates incoming traffic and blocks the ones with malicious intention. And the Login Protection feature blocks brute force attacks.

MalCare also offers Site Hardening feature. It helps you incorporate few extra security measures to your WordPress website.

Can I malware scan my website whenever I want?

Yes. We have a guide on how to do on-demand malware scan, please take a look.
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