Best Elementor WooCommerce Themes (2022) 


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Elementor can be a powerful tool when building your WooCommerce site … if you have a great theme. A theme typically comes with pre-designed templates that you can customize with Elementor. So, the key is to find a theme that fits your needs and aesthetics. Thankfully, there is a huge marketplace of themes, both free and subscription-based, that were designed for Elementor. This article is your quick guide on what features to look out for and which theme you will most likely benefit from. 

TL;DR: When picking a theme for your site, do your research to find out which one is the most compatible with your requirements. Additionally, we recommend you backup your site with BlogVault before you make any changes to your site so you always have insurance and never risk losing any data. 

15 Best WooCommerce Elementor Themes

We’ve scoured the internet and WooCommerce marketplaces to find 15 of the best WooCommerce Elementor themes that we think you might like. We’ve put together the features that you will benefit from and given you a bird’s eye view of each of them. 

1. Hello 

Hello Elementor

Hello is to the Elementor Page Builder what peanut butter is to jelly: made for the other. It’s the blank canvas every artist starts with. You can use some CSS magic and the Elementor WooCommerce widgets to make a fast and beautiful shop that promises high conversions. Every page can be customized to your liking. 


  • Easily customisable
  • Lightweight 
  • Requires CSS to customize pages
  • Optimised for speed
  • 100+ ready to use designs
  • Designed for conversions

Price: Free

2. Zakra

Zara Elementor WooCommerce theme

What’s better than a free Elementor WooCommerce theme that is fast and comes with amazing customizability? Zakra is all of that and more. It’s got amazing reviews from customers for being easy to use and having great support for help. It comes with demos that were designed for ecommerce sites. So, you don’t have to design a site from scratch. It really is one of the best solutions for a beginner that’s struggling to get their shop up and running. 


  • High speed
  • Header and footer designs
  • Starter template library that you can choose from
  • Dynamic areas
  • Wide and boxed layouts
  • Great support team
  • Easy to use 
  • Comes with regular updates

Price: Has a free version and annual and lifetime plans 

3. Divi


Divi’s page builder is actually a competitor for Elementor but they do have a theme that is compatible with Elementor. It’s a theme that was designed for agencies and freelancers and comes with advanced technology that nurtures collaboration. It also comes with so many pre-designed templates and website packs that you have a world of design options to choose from. 


  • Easy to use
  • Fully responsive
  • Social media compatible
  • 200+ website packs to build site with
  • 2000+ pre-designed elements
  • Completely customisable
  • Designed for better conversions
  • Built for collaboration and improved workflow

Pricing: 30 day trial and two plans to choose from

4. Rey

Rey theme

The Rey theme may as well be synonymous with innovative website designs. It has flexible and modular options for every type of entrepreneur and is backed by high performance and speed. It is compatible with powerful integrations and is still developer friendly for those of you who’d like to venture into fully customizable territory. 


  • Font preloader
  • Clean designs
  • Lightweight theme
  • Modular designs
  • Easy to customize
  • Developer-friendly
  • SEO friendly
  • SVG support
  • Multi-row section

Price: $69

5. Spacious


If you’re a small- to medium-sized business, this theme is made for you. It comes with gorgeous designs that fit into a variety of niche industries so there is something for everybody. It has been tested multiple times for speed and takes less than a second to load. That’s incredibly helpful for eCommerce sites where time is of the essence. 


  • Low page load speed
  • SEO friendly
  • Compatible with major browsers
  • Easy customization
  • Advanced typography and color options
  • Custom widgets
  • Quick demo import
  • 30+ ready-to-use starter designs

Price: Free and has annual or lifetime plans

6. Neve


Neve by ThemeIsle has great reviews for its amazing support teams and easy-to-use designs. While it is responsive across devices, it has a special focus on mobile. It’s built for speed and high functionality and is a great option for any type of eCommerce site. 


  • Reliable updates
  • Low page load speed
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Easy setup
  • Full support
  • Responsive across devices

Price: Free trial and three plans to choose from

7. Merchandiser


Merchandiser is a  bright, vibrant, and easy-to-customize WooCommerce Elemetor theme that was designed for fashion retailers. It gives you the ability to sell to a wider range of customers from across the globe. With Merchandiser, you can build a community from different countries and watch as your conversions grow. 


  • SEO optimized
  • Payment options
  • Easy refund
  • Frequent updates
  • Easy to customize
  • Amazing support
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Geolocation support
  • Multilingual and multi-currency capabilities

Price: $59

8. Aurum


This stunning theme by Laborator is every minimalist’s dream. The theme has been designed to create a great shopping experience for your customers. It’s the poster child for smooth, clean designs that are versatile and easy to customize. 


  • 100% responsive
  • Retina ready
  • 4 demos to choose from
  • Great support
  • Compatible with multilingual plugins
  • Touch optimized 
  • SEO optimized

Price: $59

9. Kalium


This amazing theme that is also by Laboratory comes with pre-designed demos that make building an engaging store easy. It has recently been optimized for page speed and has been rated highly by Google Pagespeed Insights. 


  • Easy to use
  • Updates available
  • Great documentation
  • Fully responsive
  • Retina ready

Price: $59

10. Jupiter X2

Jupiter X2

Jupiter X2 makes designing and managing your site easy but is not as lightweight as other themes in this list. This theme has been ranked highly in the category of themes for businesses and corporations. It’s got a 4.8 star rating so clearly, it is still well-loved for its other features.


  • Regularly updated
  • Well documented
  • Different layouts for different sections
  • Comes with a layout builder
  • Responsive across devices
  • Fast and advanced filtering
  • Wishlist support
  • Horizontal and vertical layouts
  • High page speed 
  • High conversions
  • 40+ eCommerce demo sites

Price: $59

11. Hestia Pro


This theme by ThemeIsle is a one-page theme that is completely versatile. It comes with designs and powerful customizer options. It’s a high-performance theme for your WooCommerce site with lots of functionality and user-friendly templates. With Hestia Pro, you can build eCommerce sites that you will be proud of. 


  • Compatible with other languages
  • Slick material design
  • Slider and video header
  • SEO friendly
  • Easy customization
  • High performance
  • Great speed
  • Mega menus

 Price: Ranges from $69 to $299 a year

12. Astra


Astra is super popular amidst the WooCommerce community with easy-to-use templates and versatile designs. They have so many templates, both free and premium, for every niche on the planet. We have an article that talks about some of their free templates that you might find helpful. They’re also designed to require no code. Astra truly is built for the beginner website owner. 


  • Pre-built designs
  • Great support
  • Light weight
  • Easy customisation
  • Options for colors and typography
  • Variety of layout settings
  • Optimized for page load speed

Price: Has a couple of different plans

13. OceanWP


Experience freedom with a fully customizable theme like OceanWP. Designed for both beginners and developers, OceanWP comes with a wide range of options for every type of eCommerce store. Even their free theme is the perfect partner for every WooCommerce site. It lets you build sites easily and has a great support team that will help you through the entire process. 


  • Responsive design
  • Accessibility friendly
  • SEO friendly
  • Multilingual compatible
  • Lightweight
  • Fast page speed 
  • Frequent updates available
  • Floating Add to Cart bar
  • User friendly
  • Developer and beginner friendly
  • Cart popup
  • Canvas filter
  • Quick view options

Price: They have free and multiple plan options

14. OuiOui


As adorable as the name is, the best part of the OuiOui theme is that its designs are mobile screen ready. This is especially useful for eCommerce sites because lots of customers want to shop while they’re on the go. Building an online marketplace is easy with the OuiOui one-click install and WooCommerce-specific features like a hot deal slider. 


  • Unique homepage designs
  • Mobile friendly layouts
  • Multi-vendor support
  • Variety of header templates, page layouts, image swatches, and color styles
  • Easy installation
  • Ready to use designs
  • Slider features
  • Multilingual support
  • Fully responsive

Price: There are a few different types of licenses that range from $118 to $318 

15. Zita Storefront

Zita Storefront

Zita Storefront is a versatile group of templates that are designed for any type of eCommerce site. It’s compatible with many page builder plugins, including Elementor. Unlike most themes on this list, this one can be downloaded from the WordPress themes directory. This means that you can easily find updates on your site’s dashboard. 


  • Great support
  • 8 unique header and footer templates
  • Fully customizable
  • 100% responsive
  • RTL friendly 
  • Speed optimized
  • SEO friendly

Price: Free

How to use Elementor with WooCommerce?

Elementor is an easy-to-use page builder plugin with amazing drag-and-drop functionality. While you can use their free license to edit your site on your own, the WooCommerce-specific Elementor widgets that come with a pro license give you full customization. We have an article that delves deeper into the basics of Elementor and the various widgets that you can use to design your WooCommerce site

What to look for when picking a WooCommerce Elementor theme?

There might be aspects of an Elementor WooCommerce theme that you specifically need like RTL style (right to left style as needed by Arabic or Hebrew, for example) or being developer friendly. But, here are some features that are necessary across any site, for general maintenance: 

  1. Compatibility: Make sure your theme works well with WooCommerce and has the widgets and layouts that work are necessary for an eCommerce page. If you’re using a page builder, the theme needs to be compatible too. All themes in this list are Elementor and WooCommerce compatible. 
  2. Responsiveness: A site being responsive means that your site looks equally good on various sizes of screens. Does it look nice on a mobile? Are the images and text in the right place on a tablet? Does the layout make sense across all devices?
  3. Speed: A crucial necessity of your WooCommerce site is how quickly a page load. Customers are less likely to purchase products from a slow site. Most themes on this list have been optimized for speed. 
  4. Ease of use: Themes are built to make your life incredibly easy. Your site should be easy to build with pre-designed templates and elements. So, they also have to be easy to use, so you can customize your site as you’d like. 
  5. SEO friendly: You want your site to be SEO friendly so your site is able to harness the Google algorithm. There is no point in building a beautiful site if it can’t be found by customers. Check the features and reviews of the theme to make sure that they’re SEO-compatible. 
  6. Support: If you’re new to WooCommerce and building a WordPress site, you need reliable support. WordPress already has a great community of developers and engineers to help you out, and WooCommerce has dedicated support. But it’s great when your theme’s developers are available for any questions you have. 
  7. Updates: Frequent updates means that the developers are constantly working towards making their themes better. This also means your theme is protected from bugs and other vulnerabilities. We have an article on updating themes safely. 

What are some WooCommerce necessities?

Designed your WooCommerce site? What’s next? Here are a few other plugins we recommend you install to keep your site running like a well-oiled machine. 

  1. BlogVault: Backups are crucial for any WordPress or WooCommerce site and your shop is no different. BlogVault lets you automatically take backups in real-time or on a schedule. Real-time backups, especially, are helpful because you don’t have to worry about losing any data.
  2. MalCare: Security is of utmost importance, especially when you’re storing customer data. You don’t ever want your site to make that data vulnerable to being stolen by hackers. MalCare lets you scan and clean malware in just a few clicks.
  3. Google Analytics: The Google Analytics plugin can be integrated into your site to give you data about your traffic. Where is it coming from? What is attracting your customers? What should you keep and what should you change? We have an article that talks about how to integrate GA into your WooCommerce site.  
  4. Payment Gateways: There are so many payment gateways to choose so pick the one your customer needs. We have articles on how to integrate your site into two really popular payment gateways: Stripe and PayPal

Final thoughts

Themes are the best design solution for beginners who want an easy way to build beautiful WooCommerce sites. There are a whole bunch to pick from so pick ones that have the right features that you are looking for. But, before you install a theme and design your site, we recommend you install a backup plugin like BlogVault. BlogVault lets you sleep easy as your site stays secure.


Which theme works best for Elementor?

Elementor’s starter theme Hello is a perfect pairing to the page builder. It is not only compatible but designed to make your site designing experience easy. It works amazingly well with Elementor’s WooCommerce widgets and is essentially a blank canvas to create your masterpiece. 

Is WooCommerce free with Elementor?

WooCommerce and Elementor are free plugins. Elementor does have a pro license that is compatible with WooCommerce. The Pro license has amazing WooCommerce-specific widgets that help you build your store easily. 

What is the best free theme for WooCommerce?

Hello is the best free theme if you want to edit your site with Elementor. It is built by Elementor and for Elementor. But, there are lots of other free themes that can be edited by Elementor too, with or without the Pro license. 


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