There’s a reason why 20,000+ WordPress websites trust MalCare Security.

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Our WordPress Malware Scanner detects malware that most others plugins miss.

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Trusted By

360° Comprehensive WordPress Security Plugin


Daily Automatic Scan

Automatic deep scans that detect complex malware, anti viruses, and malicious code on your site.

Deep Malware Scan

Find Complex WordPress Malware that go undetected in other security plugins. Algorithms that go beyond signature matching.

One-Click Malware Clean

Now, clean your hacked WordPress website in a click without waiting for hours.  No delays. No human errors.

Most Effective Firewall

Block bad IPs and malware bots from entering your WordPress website. Reap security benefits from Day 1.

Brute Force Attack Prevention

Automatic Login protection from hackers or bots powered with a powerful captcha system.


In-built WordPress Site Hardening

Secure your WordPress site by enabling the recommended WordPress Security best practices right from the MalCare dashboard.

Minimal False Alarms

No more unnecessary panic. MalCare alerts you only when it is a 100% sure of a WordPress virus on your site.

Manage Plugins, Themes, and Users

Centrally Update all Plugins, Themes, and WordPress Core to effortlessly manage multiple WordPress websites.


Tracks Smallest File Changes

Changes in every File, Table, Comment, Page and Plugins are automatically tracked so you save hours of debugging.

Timely Email Alerts

Get notified via email when something needs your attention so you can take instant action to protect your site.

White-Label To Growth

Re-brand the MalCare plugin or hide it completely from your website. Be the only face customers know. We’ll handle the rest.

One Minute Auto-Install

Get started in less than 60 seconds. Waste no time in protecting your WordPress website from malware and hackers.

Go Beyond Signature Matching

We do not rely on signature matching. We use 100+ Intelligent Signals to detect even the most complex WordPress malware and viruses.

Team Play Is Fun

Work closely with your Team and Clients for effective and efficient WordPress site Management.


24*7 Support

We are with you every step of the way. We aren’t saying it, our customers are.

What makes MalCare the Best WordPress Security Plugin?

Setup in 60 secs

Get started in no time. Log in. Auto-Install. Done.

Complete Security

360° Comprehensive WordPress website Security

No Hidden Charges

Scanning, Cleaning, Protection. Everything you need. No additional charges.

How to get started with MalCare


Add Site

Add your website to the MalCare Dashboard

Install Plugin

Install MalCare plugin to your website



Sit Back and Relax. No more Malware

Why Choose MalCare as your WordPress Security Service?

No Overload on your website. Ever.

The only WordPress malware scanner that runs its deep scanning on its own servers so that your website always runs at its peak speed and never slows down.


Detects malware that other WordPress security plugins miss

WordPress malware scanner that runs its deep scanning on its own servers so that your website always runs at its peak speed and never slows down.

Web Application Firewall

Your WordPress security plugin must protect your WordPress website from bots, hackers, and malicious traffic. MalCare’s firewall works round the clock to keep unwanted visitors from accessing your site.


Login Protection

MalCare protects your WordPress login from brute force attacks and unwanted login attempts by automatically blocking fake login attempts ensuring only authorized users can access your site.

Comprehensive, Deep and Automatic Scans

Run a daily security audit of your WordPress site and receive daily website reports with audit logs of your websites security.


Minimal False Positives

False alarms cause unnecessary panic. MalCare uses over 100 signals to investigate the code and alerts you about only legitimate malicious instances, rather than ‘possible hacks’.

Reliable Backups that always work

A backup is the quintessential safety net of your website when your website is hacked. Powered by BlogVault’s powerful backup service, you are always protected and have access to your backups when you need them.


Built-in Staging, Merging and Website Migrations

Test new plugins, themes, or updates on a safe Staging environment, and Merge only the changes you need, on your live site. Migrate to any web host in the world – All this and more, at no extra cost!

Website Management

Monitor and manage your site’s WordPress core, plugins, and themes from MalCare’s centralized dashboard. Update themes and plugins across multiple sites without having to access the WP dashboard.


Perfect for Agencies and Developers

Working together is fun. Now, invite team members and collaborate to get work done faster than ever before. New Gen website management from One Dashboard.

White-Label your way to Success

Rebrand or hide the MalCare plugin altogether and offer your customized care plans to your clients. Let your business grow on auto-pilot.


Out of the Box Client Reporting

Share detailed and elegant website reports with your clients. MalCare takes one more task off the list for you, letting you focus on growing your business.

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What makes MalCare Unique?


Our proprietary algorithm, developed after analyzing over 240,000 websites, uses over 100 signals to identify even the most complex malware and hacks, without any false-positives.

Instant One-Click Automatic Malware Removal

Take immediate action against malware without delays or external help. With MalCare, clean-up is automatic and at the click of a button, with no downtime. Guaranteed.

Doesn't slow down your site ever

Our remote scanning and malware removal causes no load on your server and ensures your site is always running at full speed.

Customer Support that people Swear by

We take pride in taking care of our customers. We have an agile and a very responsive customer support system that treats everyone equally well.

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MalCare in Numbers

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Largest site Scanned

Webhosts Compatibility

Incredible NPS Score

See what our customers say about us

I didn’t know my site was going to be blacklisted by Google because of a third party linking. MalCare helped me dodge that bullet safely and cleaned up my site right after.

Jennifer Carello

Owner, TechCare LLC

When you are backing up a site MalCare will tell you, if that site is infected and will clean it up for you. Another way for us web developers to save valuable time and resources! MalCare is magical.

Miriam Schwab

Founder & CEO, Illuminea and Strattic