20 Free Elementor Templates For Every Business in 2022


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If you’re about to design a site, you probably have a vision of what you want it to look like. What features to include? What does the menu look like? What fonts should you use? What style of layout works for your audience? There is a world of opportunity to traverse and templates can give substance to your imagination. Simply choose a design or aesthetic that works and replace the text.  

Elementor is an amazing page builder with an enormous template library. Additionally, there are many third-party developers that have designed templates that work well with Elementor. This article will discuss 20 amazing free Elementor templates for landing pages. They’re of varying aesthetics and you’ll likely find something that works for your dream site. If not, you can also check out our list of template libraries. By the end of this article, you will have found a free Elementor template that is everything you’re looking for.

TL;DR: When picking a template for your site, look for ones that fit the aesthetic your site needs and have the features that you’re looking for right out of the box. Once you’ve got it set up perfectly, backup your site with BlogVault so your hard work is always safe. 

Designing a site from scratch is unnecessarily complicated. WordPress was built with the purpose of building sites easily, even for people who have never written a line of code in their lives. Plus, it is such a huge, thriving environment, there is a plugin for any function you can dream up. Themes make designs a cinch too and are intended to be interchangeable. All of this means that you can focus all your energy on picking the elements you want to comprise your site. 

Within WordPress themes, you can also have templates. Templates are pre-designed layouts for specific parts of your site. For instance, you may want a big menu on your site, with space for images, graphics, icons, and even maps in addition to links. So you look for a mega menu template. 

A template makes it so much easier to do so because it is built by experts. Let’s take a look at some amazing free Elementor templates. 

Free Elementor templates for WordPress in 2022

There are many different types of templates. Elementor offers templates for headers, footers, pop-ups, etc. In this section, we’ll cover different use cases and aesthetics in the list. You can have a look at which one best suits your needs, install it, and tweak it to customize it for your site. 

1. Real Estate

Big-budget products like homes and cars aren’t bought right off a site. The customer will always reach out to you for more information first. This theme encapsulates that customer journey by placing the contact form prominently up top. It also has a number of configurations for photos, and little text. 

The template is by Astra and it comes with their Starter Templates Plugin. There are plenty of resources that show you how to use Astra.

free Elementor template for real estate niche


  • SEO friendly
  • Prominent contact form in the hero banner for customers to get in touch. 
  • The about section is featured as trust is a factor for big-ticket purchases.
  • Showcases inventory but there is no checkout and payment flow.
  • The focus is on the customer being able to reach out to you first
  • Fully responsive

Recommended for big-budget purchases like cars and homes. 


2. Camera 

This free Elementor template by PowerPack is a launch page for a single product. It is designed to focus on the features and the look and feel of that single product. While it is a free template, it does require a Pro version of Elementor. Check out this article on installing or using a PowerPack template. 

Camera free Elementor template


  • Easy to use with Elementor
  • Product focused hero image. 
  • Large features section.
  • Order now button in the hero image. 
  • Minimalist style.

Recommended for launches of a product.


3. Ogena

This template kit by Envato is designed for any creative person or agency with a minimalistic aesthetic. Clean fonts, classy designs and compatible with Elementor versions 2.8 to 3.1. You will need a subscription to download this template.

Ogena template


  • Modern design
  • 10 page templates
  • Responsive layout across different devices

Recommended for minimalist designers and creators wanting to showcase their art.


4. Katy

The focus of this free Elementor template kit by Envato is all things baby care. You can use it for any kid events like birthdays. It’s got a beautiful bright design and fun fonts. It’s compatible with Elementor version 3.4 and requires a subscription for you to download.

Katy template


  • Compatible with Elementor Free
  • Colorful and bright assets
  • 15+ templates
  • Responsive across devices
  • Compatible across browsers

Recommended for kids’ events


5. BBQ Restaurant

You can’t sell any products on the site but you can book reservations. So, this theme by Astra is great for restaurants or places that offer activities like helicopter rides that require booking. It’s by Astra and requires the theme and some add ons. Checkout this link for more info. 

BBQ template by Astra


  • Completely responsive
  • SEO friendly
  • Reserve button and Menu button on the hero image.
  • Multiple reservation buttons throughout the landing page.
  • Best selling dishes section.
  • Testimonials.

Recommended for restaurants or activities that require reservations.


6. Elixir

This template kit by Envato is a stunning design that screams elegance. It was originally designed for perfumes but you could make it your own. It’s compatible with Elementor versions 2.8 to 3.1. You will need a subscription to download this template kit.

Elixir template by Envato


  • Built for Elementor and Elementor Pro
  • SEO friendly
  • Responsive across all devices
  • 10+ templates
  • Compatible with Elementor’s Hello Theme

Recommended for the launch of a range of a few products like skincare or makeup.


7. Car Dealer 

Much like the real estate template we talked about earlier, this template by PowerPack lets you sell expensive products. The goal with this template is to encourage people to reach out to the merchant for a trial run. Check out this tutorial on installing a PowerPack template. 

Car dealer template by PowerPack


  • Has a Call Now” button in the hero image. 
  • Sections for features and testimonials.
  • Great Page Speed
  • Easy to use

Recommended for big ticket items like cars or houses that warrant a focus on contact forms. 


8. Travel Business 

This template is a beautiful gallery of photos from different locations with sections that focus on packages and offers. Here’s how you install a PowerPack Template

Travel business Elementor template


  • Lightweight template
  • Fast Page Load
  • Showcases different packages and tours.
  • Allows you to categorize services by locations.
  • Section for achievements.
  • CTA button or large contact number section.

Recommended for travel agencies that offer tours and packages for various locations.


9. Indev

This template kit by Envato helps you design your portfolio page. The template kit comes with images from Envato Elements that require licenses but you can replace them with your own. You will need a subscription to download it. You will also need an Elementor versions 2.8, 2.9 or 3.0

Index template kit


  • 10 page templates
  • compatible with both Elementor and Elementor Pro
  • Designed for the independent developer

Recommended for anybody that is looking to build a portfolio and or CV site, 


10. Electrician Services 

This template by PowerPack is designed with all the essentials you’ll need for any kind of service: electricians plumbing, painting, etc. They’re services that don’t necessarily need portfolios but are driven by testimonials. Also, there are no standard prices. It will depend on the service. Here’s an article by PowerPack on importing their templates.

electrician services template by PowerPack


  • List different services.
  • Testimonial section at the bottom.
  • Contact form with a button to request a quote.
  • Easy to customise
  • Fast Page Load
  • SEO friendly

Recommended for painting, electricians, plumbing, carpenters, etc. 


11. Spa Home 

This template by PowerPack is aesthetically designed for all things self-care and self-love. It’s got soothing and minimalist fonts. PowerPack has an article that shows you how to install their templates. 

Spa Home Elementor template


  • It’s elegant and soothing.
  • You can list different services.
  • CTA for booking an appointment.
  • Easy to use with Elementor
  • Lightweight plugin
  • Fast speed page loads

Recommended for spa treatments, skincare, salons, etc. 


12. Sierra Nature

This Astra template is designed for businesses where the focus is on the photos. You can showcase a gallery of photos of all your art, different locations, etc The fonts and colors are simple so the focus remains on the photos. Here’s an article to show you how to install Astra templates. 

Sierra Nature template by Astra


  • Minimalist hero designs.
  • Gallery for different projects.
  • Section for special features.
  • 100% responsive
  • SEO friendly

Recommended for natural parks, portfolios, photographers, etc. 


13. Wellern

This template kit by Envato helps you kickstart your journey as an educator. You can showcase different courses and your credentials. It’s clean and professional and it is compatible with Elementor versions 3.6. You will need to be a subscriber to be able to download this template.

Wellern template kit


  • Section for Social Links
  • Compatible with Google Fonts
  • Responsive across devices
  • Kit contains templates for headers, footers, different pages, etc.

Recommended for teachers or experts that want to teach a skill. 


14. SEO Tab

This template pack by Templately has a well balanced combination of images and information that is designed for creative agencies. It’s built with Elementor in min and requires Essential Add Ons to be completely customisable. You will need the free Starter License by Templately to install it.


  • 9 page templates
  • Stunning call to action buttons
  • Responsive with any device
  • Animated Testimonial Slider

Recommended for creative agencies

15. Outdoor Adventures

Full of pictures, this template by Astra is focused on creating experiences. You can sell adventure sports or use this template if you have a hotel or resort that offers specific experiences. Checkout this article to know how to install it.

Outdoor Adventure template by Astra


  • Gallery of different events and locations.
  • Upcoming Events section.
  • Section with testimonials.
  • CTA to Learn More.
  • Fully responsive
  • SEO friendly

Recommended for adventure sports enthusiasts.


16. Custom Printing

For businesses that offer custom products like mugs, t-shirts, etc. You can showcase the different colors and types of products you offer. It’s by Astra and here’s how you can install it. 

Custom pricing Elementor template kit


  • Gallery of different types of custom products.
  • Section on bestsellers.
  • Section with testimonials.
  • CTA to Get Started
  • Fast page speed
  • SEO friendly
  • Fully responsive

Recommended for custom products.


17. Pet Services

If you’re in the business of anything to do with pets, this adorable template by Astra might be for you. It’s great for pet care products and services and here’s how you can install it. 

Pet Services Elementor template


  • Focused on contact form and services.
  • Very few pictures.
  • Hero image which is transparent and allows text to go over it
  • Quick page load
  • Responsive across all devices

Recommended for pet care companies.


18. Nutritionist

Do you have a special skill that you can teach other people? Can you help other people with your skills? This template might be for you. It’s by Astra and here’s how you can install it. 

Nutritionist template


  • Credentials section at the top.
  • Section for different services.
  • Testimonial section
  • Responsive across devices
  • SEO friendly

Recommended for trainers, nutritionists, etc. 


19. Foodhunt

This template kit by Envato is versatile and meant for catering services. You’ll need an Envato subscription to download this template kit. It’s compatible with Elementor version 3.6.

Foodhunt template kit


  • Templates for various pages like Menu, Food Gallery,, Blog and Services
  • Fast loading
  • No code needed for customisation
  • works with Elementor themes

Recommended for any catering business


20. Fashion Lifestyle Blog

This template by Astra is a combination of blog articles and posts. You can customize it to fit your own style. Here’s an article on how to add an Astra template. 

Fashion lifestyle blog template


  • About section.
  • Different blog posts or images take up their own sections.
  • Contact form if needed
  • 100% responsiveness
  • SEO friendly
  • Quick page speed

Recommended for any kind of blogger.


11 best free Elementor template resources

If none of those templates match your needs or aesthetics, here are 10 amazing resources that are filled with a tonne of free Elementor templates that you can explore. 

1. Style Kits

Formerly called Analog Templates for Elementor, Style Kits allows you to customize styles, per page or globally, using the Elementor Editor. It also includes a free collection of template kits. They each come with in-built styling controls. Download and install the plugin to get started. 

2. Sizzify Lite

It’s a plugin that offers both free and pro templates for Elementor. They have 13 free landing page templates to choose from. You’ll have to download and install the plugin to get started. 

3. Crocoblock Dynamic Template

It’s a plugin with over 10 pre-designed templates and additional templates that come with the Pro license. They’re all designed for separate niches. They’re ready to use templates where the only thing you’ll have to do is to add the details of your own business. They’re dynamic pre-coded templates that make site building easy. Here’s where you can check out the collection. 

4. Katka Template Pack

Katka offers 30 page templates, 240+ block templates, and 100+ popup templates that are all free. You can add a tip to the developers if you want to support them. You’re essentially downloading a zip file with JPG screenshots of the templates. You can add whichever you want to your library. While the templates are free, it’s meant for a Po Elementor license. Here’s where you can download it. 

5. Envato Elements

Envato Elements has a collection of over 2000 free templates for both pages and blocks. There are 70 template kits to explore including ones for headers, footers, and popups. You’ll have to install the Envato Elements Plugin and you can explore a world of templates for every type of business. 

6. LaunchParty

There are 89 page templates, 452 block templates and 122 Elementor Theme builder Templates. They’re all free and come with a course that teaches you the basics of building a site with Elementor. They all have a similar but versatile aesthetic, making them all go well together. Download what you want, add it to your template library and get designing.  

7. Elementorism

A set of over 50 free and premium templates that are categorized by niches. Though, most of them do require a paid license. You can install them once you create an account. 

8. Elementor Template Library

This is Elementor’s own library of templates. It’s got both free and pro templates but there are hundreds of pages, blocks and popup templates to choose from. They can be filtered by requirements and you can add them in just a few clicks. They also offer kits which contain all the essentials, headers, templates for different pages, color sampler and any other basics of a theme. Here’s where you can find the library. 

9. Templately

It’s a large collection of templates that require the free plugin. You can use some templates with the free Elementor license, but an Elementor Pro license reveals more options for you to use. They cover over100 different niches. There are 2000 Elementor templates available. They also additionally offer cloud collaboration for website building. 

10. WP Astra

They offer a combination of free and premium templates. You’ll recognise some free ones in this list already. They have over 200 templates for landing pages that you can check out. They have a library of free templates called Starter Templates that you will love. Here’s a link all about them.

11. PowerPack Template Library

It’s a great resource of free and premium templates. It comes with a lot of widgets too. All you need is to download the free plugin. All their templates are fast and super user-friendly. They’re all fully customizable templates and blocks and designed to complement the Elementor Page Builder.

What to look for in a good free template?

With so many free Elementor templates available on the market, how do you pick what works for you? In no order at all, here are the criteria for picking a template for your website:

  1. Aesthetics: Take a good look at the typography, layout of elements, and design. Does it match your brand aesthetics? Does it work well for the kind of audience you want to attract? The goal of the template is to find one that is mostly ready for your site. So while it’s fully customizable, you shouldn’t have to change too much about the template.
  2. Ease of use: Is it easy to install? Can you edit it quickly? Does it come with enough options? These are questions you should consider because you want the process to be as simple as possible.
  3. SEO optimization: There is no point in designing a site if your audience isn’t able to enjoy it. This is where SEO comes in. Not all templates are designed to be SEO compatible. So, unless you’ve got the skills for it, make sure it is compatible with SEO tools.
  4. Speed: Some templates may slow down your site’s page load speed. So, look out for reviews before you install anything and get to work.
  5. Compatible with Elementor or Elementor Pro Versions: While the templates are free, they may or may not be only compatible with Elementor Pro. It’s also important to double-check whether or not you can use the template for your version of Elementor too.
  6. Responsiveness: Does the template look good on various devices? Do the layouts look great on both mobile and desktop? Does the site look good on a tablet screen? This is important so every kind of viewer or customer has an equally good experience on your site.
  7. Security: Check reviews and forums to see how if there are any mentions of bugs or vulnerabilities. The experience of building a site with a buggy template can be frustrating.
  8. Regular Updates; Along the same lines, you want to make sure that the developers are constantly updating their products. This means that bugs are consistently being taken care of and security is being maintained.

What are the other site essentials?

You’ve picked your free Elementor template and designed your site. But, what else does it need? Here are some helpful plugins that we recommend you install for easy site maintenance:

  1. BlogVault: BlogVault makes backing up and restoring a site an absolute breeze. Just a few clicks and you’re good to go. Backups are done in real-time and can also be scheduled for when you have the least traffic. Backups are taken in increments so your site never slows down. With BlogVault, you can rest assured that you will never lose any crucial data. 
  2. MalCare: Keeping your site secure is an absolute necessity and nobody understands it better than MalCare. You can scan for malware and clear it all out using the MalCare dashboard, in just a few minutes. It’s incredibly easy and intuitive for any kind of user. 
  3. Google Analytics: We all know how important SEO is for bringing and tracking traffic to your site. We have an article that walks you through the process of integrating your site with the Google Analytics plugin

Final Thoughts

Elementor opens the gates to such an enormous world of design templates that it can be almost overwhelming. There are 1000s of templates for landing pages, and resources with 100s of templates and those are just the free ones. The good thing though is that you have a large variety of options to choose from. You’ll find something that fits your needs…with just a little bit of research.


What is the difference between a template and a theme?

A template is a pre-designed layout for a single page or elements on a page. Themes determine how the entire site looks and can come with their own collection of templates. 

What’s the best Elementor template for WooCommerce?

All Elementor templates for WooCommerce work well and have all the essentials. You need to decide which ones work for your design aesthetic. 

Recommended read: How to use Elementor with WooCommerce

Are there any free Elementor templates?

Yes. There are many free templates in the Elementor library. There is also a tonne of third-party developers that have free templates for you to choose from. 

What is the best free theme for Elementor?

The best theme for Elementor is Hello. It is by Elementor and is designed to be a blank canvas for all your editing. 

How do I get free Elementor templates?

There is a tonne of templates in the Elementor Library and third-party resources that have others. We’ve got a list of both templates and template resources that you may find helpful. 

How to import an Elementor template?

Templates on Elementor have to be imported to the Saved Templates library on your WordPress dashboard. You can then go ahead and use it on your pages. Here’s an article on how to do so.


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