Why Jay Gonzalez Moved 30+ WordPress Websites to MalCare?


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Your website needs the most comprehensive security to protect it from the constant attacks it faces everyday.

Jay Gonzalez designs and maintains specialized WordPress websites on dog breeding. His business was going great until disaster struck one day and a number of his client sites were hacked. With his life’s work on the line, Jay in a desperate bid began hunting and testing various website hack prevention services. None of them worked but dug a big hole in his pocket. Two years and several disappointments later he found MalCare that enabled him not only to clean hacked site in a jiffy but also protected his client site from getting further hacked.



5X Hack



Jay Gonzalez


Why MalCare?

-> Website protection
-> One-click cleaner
-> Peace of mind

Favourite Feature?

-> One-Click Cleaner

“WordFence was too expensive to upgrade so we decided to upgrade to iThemes security premium at $250 per year for unlimited websites. It worked fine at first but some client websites were getting too many false positives, and some were locked out of their website.”

– Jay Gonzalez

Running Into Blank Walls

Immediately after his client sites got hacked, Jay frantically began looking for a security professional who’ll fix his problem in a jiffy. But even after cleaning the sites, his client’s sites would get hacked again and again.

Frustrated, he then began looking for solutions that’d help fix the problem once and for all. He tried his hand at free security solutions because most of the popular security services were costly and way over his budget. But free services can only do so much, therefore, he upgraded to iThemes security premium at $250 per year for unlimited websites. Thinking that this was an end to his woes, Jay went back to his work with the knowledge that his sites are safe. But some of his clients began complaining they were getting far too many false positives. And others were even locked out of their websites. Moreover, a heavy process like security scan bogged down his client sites making it slow. “Time and website speed is valuable, so we wanted to find a better solution,” Jay said.

To save his business and retain his clients Jay had to take swift actions. He whitelisted client IP addresses that would enable clients to access their own site. And then set out to find a better alternative.

“For two years. We couldn’t find a solution that could prevent malware/hacked websites and remove malware.”

– Jay Gonzalez

2 Years & A Sea of Options Later

When he came across MalCare during our super successful launch at AppSumo, and he knew his search has come to an end. Jay recognized how MalCare runs it processes on its own server, and that would significantly reduce the pressure on his client website server and won’t slow down the site.

“We are still transitioning from iThemes Security to MalCare,” Jay said. He has been using MalCare for over 2 months, and within that short period, MalCare saved his client websites from hackers on a number of occasions. MalCare not only recognized and blocked login attempts made by hacker bots but also prevented bad IP addresses from accessing the sites altogether. Anyone who came to one of Jay’s site had to first go through an inspection and only after the visitor was cleared as non-malicious was he allowed to access the websites. Hackers could no longer break into client websites as they were blocked out from even visiting any page on the site.

“Our favourite feature is the one-click malware removal…..We also love how easy it is to install and manage.”

– Jay Gonzalez

Jay’s Future Plans With MalCare

Jay’s long search for a website security service that actually works and is affordable came to an end with MalCare. He is now slowly upgrading all his client’s sites with MalCare security solution. To let the world know about his find, Jay stated that he is “planning a short video recommending MalCare to followers on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.”

Peace of Mind in Just 2 Months

Still transitioning to MalCare, but according to Jay he already feels that he is in control of his client sites and his business. Since he began using MalCare, not a single website has been hacked. With complete website protection at the tip of his finger, Jay is no longer losing his sleep over hacked sites.

“So far it has given us a peace of mind knowing that our business website and our client’s websites are protected and that we can easily remove any malware ourselves – MalCare gives us full control!”

– Jay Gonzalez

What Makes MalCare Unique?

Our proprietary algorithm, developed after analyzing over 240,000 websites, uses over 100 signals to identify even the most complex malware and hacks, without any false-positives.
Take action when it’s needed. Don’t wait endlessly for “someone” to clean up your site. With MalCare, clean-up is automatic and at the click of a button, with no downtime. Guaranteed.
Our remote malware removal causes no load on your server and ensures your site is running at full speed like before during cleanup.
We take pride in taking care of our customers. We have an agile and a very responsive customer support system that treats everyone equally well. Don’t trust us. Check out some customer love here.

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