WP Radar

The Ultimate Tool for Assessing Your WordPress Site’s Security!

A comprehensive test of your website’s security stack. 100% Effective. 100% Transparent. 100% Open Source.

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WP Radar Features

The Most Advanced WordPress Security Testing Tool

Test your WordPress site security against the most sophisticated attacks on your plugin, firewall, web host, or a combination of them.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Testing

It tests your WordPress site against categories of vulnerabilities, including those in plugins, themes, and core WordPress files. It also tests for unknown vulnerabilities using a variety of techniques.

Safe Attack Sandbox for Simulation

Without actually putting your site at risk, It creates a safe and controlled environment in which to test your site’s security against real-world threats.

Simple & Quick Plugin Setup

In this setup, you need to install 2 plugins. The first plugin is installed on your live site, and the second plugin is installed on a test environment. The two plugins communicate with each other to safely replicate a realistic attack scenario.

No Site Changes Required

WP-Radar tests your site’s security without making any changes to your actual site. This means that you can run a security test without affecting your site’s performance or functionality.

Trusted by over 200,000+ websites across 120 Countries

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“It was a shocking revelation!”
I’m a security consultant, and I recommend WP-Radar to all of my clients. It’s the only security testing tool that I trust to give me an accurate picture of a site’s security & that can test for both known and unknown vulnerabilities”
Jo Waltham
Callia Web

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