Save ~12 hours a week with the Smartest WordPress Management Plugin

Everything from WordPress security, backups, staging, merging to team collaboration, reporting and a white-label solution.

Website Management Done Right for Agencies and Developers


Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

Everything you need to manage multiple sites from a central dashboard.

White Label and Client Reporting

Powerful features so you can create client solutions that deliver and delight.

Powerful Team Collaboration

Thoughtfully designed features that make team collaboration a breeze.

Site Management for multiple WordPress websites

Manage Multiple Sites

MalCare’s all-in-one dashboard makes site management for multiple WordPress websites a breeze.

Track WordPress Core Details

Use MalCare’s core WordPress manager feature to update core modifications, upgrade core WordPress and check PHP version being used for all your websites.

Update Plugins, Themes, Core

MalCare centrally manages your sites and removes any unused or deactivated plugins or themes for easier, faster and more efficient WordPress website management.

Team Management and Collaboration

Work together as a Team

Thoughtfully designed features that get all hands on board to make working in a team delightfully easy.

Team Management made easy

Add team members, clients for all websites. WordPress management and maintenance for the entire team at your fingertips.

User Roles and Site Access

Implement the best site management practices by assigning user roles and granting access permissions also.

Perfect for Agencies and Developers

Small businesses to Large scale businesses

Exclusive features that make MalCare the perfect choice for every WordPress developers and agencies.

Exclusive White-label feature

Use MalCare’s first-in-class white-labeling solution to re-brand MalCare plugin as your own or hide it completely.

Custom and scheduled reporting

On-demand website security reports on the fly. One more task off the list for you, so you can deliver maximum value to your clients.

And so much more…

Complete Website Management

From free and integrated staging powered by BlogVault, to security powered by MalCare, we have you covered – from start to finish.

Free in-built staging and merging

Accelerate website development for your clients with MalCare’s inbuilt Staging and Merging feature. Create free staging sites, test changes, share them with your clients and instantly merge to live sites.

Integrated backups

With backups powered by the BlogVault integration, you can ensure that you have all your clients and their sites covered. Over 90 days of backups that you can rely on,  you’ll never have to worry about losing a site again.

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I didn’t know my site was going to be blacklisted by Google because of a third party linking. MalCare helped me dodge that bullet safely and cleaned up my site right after. Jennifer Carello Owner TechCare LLC – WP Designing agency

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WordPress Management Plugin FAQ

What other WordPress plugins are good at managing WordPress websites?
CMS commander, ManageWP, InfiniteWP, MainWP, etc. act as WordPress management plugins. These are some of the best WordPress multisite plugins.
Will a web developer assist me if I need help?
Yes. We’d be happy to help you out. Please contact us here.
Does MalCare need access to my admin panels or login details?
Can I block IP addresses using MalCare?
MalCare automatically blocks malicious IP addresses so that you don’t have to. MalCare Firewall investigates every request made on your website. Firewall blocks bad IP addresses from accessing your website.
Can MalCare manage multiple site?
Yes, it can. When you are using MalCare, you don’t need to reply on an external multiple website manager. You can even manage unlimited sites from your MalCare dashboard.
Is MalCare management a premium addon or part of MalCare WordPress management feature?
Few WordPress security plugins include WordPress management services in all plans. With MalCare you can:

  • Update plugins, themes, WordPress core.
  • Add, delete or update website users.
Can I enable WordPress multisite plugin settings in MalCare?
MalCare is not a WordPress multisite network plugin. MalCare provides you with advanced functionality and tools to manage multiple websites. The security service only helps managing multiple WordPress sites.
Will I have to share my WordPress manager cPanel credentials?
Does MalCare post to multiple WordPress sites at once?
No, MalCare does not post or publish posts on WordPress websites.
Can I use MalCare to remove plugins from my website?
Yes, you can. MalCare can help you deactivate plugins and themes. This is not the same as WordPress multisite hide plugins feature. Please take a look at this guide on How do I activate or deactivate plugins or themes?
I use managed WordPress website hosting. Do I need WordPress management facilities from MalCare?
Different hosting providers offers different features. Compare those with MalCare’s. Choose what you think is best for your website.
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