WordPress Antivirus that will NEVER slow down your website.

MalCare’s “Early Detection Technology” finds WordPress Malware that other popular plugins miss!

No credit card required

WordPress Malware Scanner that will NEVER slow down your website.

MalCare’s “Early Detection Technology” finds WordPress Malware that other popular plugins miss

No credit card required

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How MalCare’s WordPress Malware Scan works


Sync Complete Website

MalCare syncs every part of your website with its server so nothing is ever missed.


Deep Scan against 100+ signals

Deep scans that run on MalCare’s own servers for zero overload on your server.


Dynamic Detection of Malware

Tracks every little change to zero down on the precise location of the malware.

Detect Malware that other Plugins haven’t even heard of


Scan website for vulnerabilities

When there is a security incident, you are the first to know about it. Scan WordPress database for malware. Scan WordPress site with MalCare WordPress plugin.

Beyond Signature Matching

100+ signals help accurately detect and pinpoint even “Unknown” malware. Scan website for malware automatically.

Keep an Eye on All Changes

A website and URL scanner that checks every file to accurately detect the location of even the most hard-to-find malware on your site.

WordPress malware scanner that will never overload your server. Ever.

No Overload on Servers

MalCare takes on the responsibility of site safety and WP security without impacting your site performance. Your site resources are in no way affected. MalCare will never trouble you by slowing down your site.

Runs on its own servers

Sync website to MalCare servers. Scan your website for malicious code. All the heavy lifting is done on our side. Your server is never overloaded.

Smart & Intelligent Sync Process

MalCare’s WordPress malware scan plugin uses Incremental Backup technology to sync your site in small packages. This ensures that your site is always running at peak speed.

Timely and Flexible WordPress Malware Scan


Consistent Scanning Practices

MalCare WordPress malware scanner uses powerful technology called Intelligent Signals in large numbers to dig through your website continuously for malware, without any manual intervention.

Daily Automatic WordPress Malware Scan

Automatic daily scans for entire website for complex malware. Get notified immediately when a malware is detected.

Flexible On-Demand Website Scan for Malware

Suspect your website has been hacked? Use our on-demand malware scan feature to scan your website for vulnerabilities.

Complete Malware detection without the False Alarms

Early Malware Detection

MalCare WordPress security plugin takes on the responsibility of site safety and security without impacting your site performance. Your site resources are in no way affected. MalCare will never trouble you by slowing down your site.

Minimal False Alarms

Your website vulnerability scanner should alert you after a WordPress malware scan only when there is actual malware on your website. Never panic without reason.

Complete Malware Scanning

MalCare not only checks every file on your website but also scans the WordPress database for malware to accurately detect malware.

Our Customers Speak for Us

So far I installed the plugin on 6 sites, 9 more to go… so far I am amazed how smooth it’s all going, scanning is very fast and I am so happy that I found it.

Ivica Delic

WordPress Influencer

I’m very pleased. This has reduced server load since the scans are run from their server. Setup took 5 minutes. The team has been very responsive.

David McCan


WordPress Malware Scanner Plugin FAQ

Does MalCare WordPress malware removal plugin have a WordPress malware scanner online?
MalCare website malware scanner is available as a Free MalCare version.
How do I download and install MalCare?
Is there a free website malware removal service?
No. You have to upgrade to the premium version. You can check the plans for MalCare’s WordPress malware removal service here. There is a free version for MalCare but you can only use it to scan WordPress for malware. The free version has malware website security scanner and web application firewall.
What are some other website malware scanner Google recommends?
Some other WordPress security plugins are:

  • Sucuri WordPress
  • Malwarebytes
  • iThemes security plugin
  • Quttera web malware scanner
  • Wordfence

Some of these WordPress plugins have website vulnerability scanner online free for use. Sucuri security or Sucuri sitecheck scanner is one such popular tool.

Can I rely on my web hosting malware scanner?
No. Web hosts rely on network level security. Your websites need more careful antimalware security. WordPress hosting has limited security features.
Does MalCare protect my site against DDOS attacks?
No, we are working very hard on this. Watch this space for updates!
How does MalCare perform security scanning on my site?
MalCare’s malware detector, daily scans the website automatically for vulnerabilities. MalCare exploit scanner enables you to scan WordPress database for malware.
Can I clean websites malware by removing plugins or a web application?
No. You can remove plugins but it is not enough to remove malware from your site. Installing a fresh WordPress install is also not enough. The malware can still re-infect your site.
How to fix malware infected website?
The first step is detecting malware and assessing all the security threat. Scan your site with MalCare to do that. MalCare syncs all WordPress files and database first for remote malware scanning. MalCare remote scanner ensures zero load on your server.
How to remove Google malware warning from your site?
Does MalCare have a free website malware scanner or a web scanner online?
Yes. Please see Free MalCare version.Check the differences between Premium MalCare and Free MalCare website virus scanner here. Learn more about MalCare, the best website malware scanner. It acts as a URL scanner on the online security check.
Does MalCare scanner provide audit logs?
Yes, it does. MalCare reports provide audit logging. It contains details on your website scans and security status.
Can MalCare protect my site against malicious login attempts from IP addresses?
Yes, MalCare includes the following:

  • Website firewall
  • Security hardening
  • Brute force attacks protection
  • Integrity checking
  • Website malware protection
  • Security features like Site Hardening
Do all malware scanning plugins also act as backups plugins?
No. The Security & Backup plan includes backup feature and website file scanner feature. It also enables website staging, merging, and migration. MalCare is not just to malware test websites.
Do I need an API key to use MalCare scanner?
How does MalCare go about security scanning my site?
MalCare detector can scan a website for vulnerabilities. MalCare exploit scanner enables you to scan WordPress database for malware.
Can I manage WordPress website from MalCare dashboard?
Yes. You can update WordPress core, WordPress theme and plugins on WordPress sites. Please see How do I update the WordPress Core from within the MalCare dashboard?
Does MalCare scan WordPress core files on a website?
MalCare security scans all files on your site, including the core file.
Can I use Google website scanner?
Google safe browsing alerts you, the website owner to check website safety. It is a way for Google to warn visitor’s user accounts from entering your site. It suspects your WordPress websites to have a code injection. You will need to perform a malware website test by scanning your site for malware. MalCare plugin scans your website for malware and alerts you before this can happen. It is important to perform daily malware scans on your website.
Install security plugin, MalCare to run unlimited scans on your website to check infection
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