Customer Support That Everyone Swears By

“Wasn’t expecting to be blown away !!!!!!!

I installed it, ran a scan, I was amazed because it totally works differently than ANY plugin I’ve ever used (in about 9 years of experience with WordPress). NOW I get it, I get what MalCare was talking about when they say it doesn’t use resources off your server—–that instead, you click settings and are bounced over into your MalCare dashboard. From there you can see all your sites.

It found Malware (that I KNEW was there) on a site where Sucuri Sitecheck couldn’t find a thing.

Tried to autoclean. Apparently it was a bit too involved for the autoclean to take care of it. So what was really cool, it listed all the questionable files in my dashboard. I just went one by one and knocked them all out. Rescanned and all was good.”

Drew from HudgeMedia

“Incredibly simple but powerful plugin
So far I installed plugin on 6 sizes, 9 more to go… so far I am amazed how smooth is all going, scanning is very fast and I am so happy that I found it 🙂”

Ivica Delic, WordPress Influencer

“Easy to install, no crazy configurations, don’t see any slow downs on site as with some other security plugins. DIY security is good if you have a lot of time and want to install a bunch of plugins. This one plugin handles everything and I don’t need to worry or monitor as I know they will handle whatever is thrown at the site. I am always looking for plugin reduction and site optimization and this one fits that category.”

Anil Premlall

“Malcare is AMAZING! It has saved me hours for time, maybe even days.”

Margie Baxley, virtualmargie

“I’m using the Pro version of MalCare. This is by far the easiest security, firewall, malware cleaner I’ve ever worked with.

I’ve tried most other “similar” products. But this is my new standard solution to keep my web sites safe!”

Daniel Nordmark, Developer and founder of Yodapp AB

“this plugin saved my web from malware and hack. It is very easy to use. Thank you for protecting my website!”

Tangguh Rifqi, Digital Marketing Specialist

“Simple to use. Great support.
I’m using this along with the BlogVault backup solution. I’m very pleased. This has reduced server load since the scans are run from their server. Setup took 5 minutes. The team has been very responsive.”

David McCan,

“Works like a charm! Once activated, the plugin scans and protects the website in a good manner. Got a little problem in first connection, but the support (by ticket) was able to solve it quickly. So I switched to paid version for even more sites 🙂 worth every penny.”


“Nice to not have to worry
It’s nice to know that my site is being monitored by MalCare. It’s one less thing I have to worry about thereby giving me more time to work on my business.”

Armand Girard

“My peace of mind is important to me. MalCare constantly checks my blog and alerts me when there are security problems.”

Francisco Ariza

“This plugin is a beautiful surprise for me. A great product.”

David Eliot

“This is a must-have for WordPress security and is very light on your server.”

John Kirkpatrick (@epubpress)

“I use this tool complementary to another one, and it is better – found leftovers from a malware i had and allowed me to clean it (the top competitor did not find it). love it!”


“Works like a charm, my husband and I are using it on all our & clients sites and don’t have anything but good things to say about it: working silently in the background, no false alarms, no slowing downs of the sites, all the best!”

Nives Delić

“I had some challenges paying for this product. This was quickly picked up and I’m now using MalCare on our site. Looking forward to no a safe experience from now on.”

Maarten van Rijn

“MalCare notified me there was an issue with malware on one of my sites. I used the one-click cleanup button. Had some additional questions and tech support was very responsive. Checked with my hosting company. They verified malware was indeed present on my site and that it was completely removed after MalCare went into action. Quick and painless. Worth every penny.”

Michael Jordan

“I am grateful that MalCare solved my Malware problems in my hosting with more than 20 websites.”

Aaron Liew

@malcaresecurity has completely changed my approach to #wordpresswebsite #security and #backup!

“Stephen P. Shepard”

“I LOVE MALCARE!!! Of course on of my sites was hacked. We haven’t been using it, but I didn’t want to take it down and somewhere along the line it was HACKED! I was scared when I seen that red HACKED badge, but it was so simple to fix. Thank you so much MalCare!”

“Jennifer Hiles, @themarketingma”

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