Looking for a Sucuri Alternative? Meet “MalCare

If you’re looking at Sucuri to keep your site safe and secure from hackers and malware, here are a few reasons why MalCare might be a better choice.

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5 reasons why MalCare is the best alternative to “Sucuri”


Is Your Security Scanner Ready for “Unknown Malware”?


Your Malware Scanner ONLY detects known malware due to its “Default Allow” security posture. Unknown malware that is not yet on the signature database will infect your Website.

MalCare’s proprietary malware detection technology uses 100+ signals that Advanced Early Detection Technology goes beyond signature matching to identify and block UNKNOWN malware from ever harming you in the first place.

Always wanted to clean your website instantly from malware and hacks?


You wake up and find that your website has been hacked. To add to that misery, you have to wait for hours or days to get your website cleaned. It’s just not fair.

With MalCare, you can clean your hacked website automatically in just One-Click. We guarantee to clean your website from malware and hacks. We can definitely do without this stress.

Hack clean causing a “Hole in your Wall”-et each time?


Should you have to pay a hefty website cleaning fee every-time your website is hacked? Do these costs limit your website potential?

MalCare promises to provide unlimited cleanups and not charge an extra dime every-time you are hacked. Isn’t that a sweet deal? No more compromising on your website dreams. Picking MalCare is a no-brainer. 🙂

Too Little, Too Late? Got Blacklisted Already?


Do you know that it can take more than 6 months (or more) to get your SEO game back in the game if your website has been blacklisted by Google? All the effort you have put on growing your website is suddenly gone. What good is a website security plugin if it cannot help you protect from such disasters?

MalCare’s Advanced Early Detection Technology ensures that you are the first to know when a malware infects your website. It allows you to Take action before any damage is done. Woohoo.

Like Playing with Fire? Backup without Security?


Website Backups can help you instantly restore your website when it’s hacked. But, what if your backup itself is infected with dangerous malware?  With no way out, it’s only a matter of time before disaster strikes your website, again!

Backups complemented with a reliable security solution ensure complete peace of mind and can save you hours of trouble. MalCare has an integrated Backup and Security solution that lets you manage, back up, and secure your website from one single dashboard.

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See what our customers say about us

I didn’t know my site was going to be blacklisted by Google because of a third party linking. MalCare helped me dodge that bullet safely and cleaned up my site right after. Jennifer Carello Owner TechCare LLC – WP Designing agency

MalCare makes it is so easy to clean up the site in just one-click. I love that I am no longer at the mercy of someone else. I don’t spend hours stressing about malwares in my website. Bhavesh Founder Templatic Premium WordPress Themes

More and more sites were getting hacked, and I almost shut down my business… With BlogVault I am confident my sites are backed up and restore them dependably. Yardena Epstein Owner of YardenaWeb

We can easily restore backups and even test them on BlogVault server prior to restoring; it makes migrations a cinch. Miriam Schwab Founder & CEO, Illuminea and Strattic

Complete Protection from WordPress Malware and Hackers


Daily Automatic Scan

Automatically Secure and Protect Websites from hacks and virus in a Single Dashboard

Deep Malware Scan

Find Complex WordPress Malware that go undetected in other security plugins. Algorithms that go beyond signature matching. 

One-Click Malware Clean

Now, Clean your hacked WordPress website in a click without  waiting for hours and human errors.

Most Effective Firewall

Block bad IPs and malware bots from entering your WordPress website. Reap the benefits from Day 1.

Brute Force Attack Prevention

Automatic Login protection from hackers or bots powered with a powerful captcha system.

In-built WordPress Site Hardening

Secure your WordPress site in a click by enabling the recommended WordPress Security best practices. 

Minimal False Alarms

No more unnecessary panic. We raise an alert only when are are 100% sure of a WordPress virus on your website.

Manage Plugins, Themes, and Users

Stay on top of things and Update all Plugins, Themes, and WordPress Core with confidence.

Tracks Smallest File Changes

Changes in every File, Table, Comment, Page and Plugins are automatically tracked. Save hours of debugging. 

Real Time Email Alerts

We will be your sidekick. Get notified via email when something needs your attention.

White-Label To Growth

Re-brand the WordPress plugin or hide it completely from your website. Be the only face customers know. We’ll handle the rest. 

One Minute Auto-Install

Literally takes less than 60 seconds to set up, get ready and protect your WordPress website from malware and hackers. 

Go Beyond Signature Matching

We do not rely on signature matching. We use 100+ Intelligent Signals to detect even the most complex WordPress malware and virus.

Team Play Is Fun

Work closely with your Team and Clients for a faster WordPress site Management.

24*7 Support

We are with you every step of the way. We aren’t saying it, our customers are. 

We’re a business you can count on MalCare in Numbers

Sites Scanned and counting

Largest site Scanned

Webhosts Compatibility

Incredible NPS Score

Ready to give MalCare a try?

MalCare security solution is powerful enough to clean the most complex malware, yet flexible for all your security needs.
Don’t believe us? Try MalCare and you’ll see!

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Learn more about the differences between Sucuri and MalCare here. We have tried out the plugins and researched the comparisons for you.
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