How do I redeem my ByPeople-MalCare deal coupon?

Step By Step Tutorial:


  • To redeem your ByPeople coupon, go to the Sign Up page. Enter details along with MalCare-ByPeople coupon code and click on Get Started.


  • After signing up, you will be taken to a page where you can Add a Site. Enter the URL of the website you’d want to add to MalCare and click on Next Step.


  • Now, enter your website’s WordPress admin credentials. Click on Continue and MalCare will automatically connect to your website and install the plugin.


  • Once the plugin is installed, a pop-up will appear asking you to Visit Site Detail Page. Click on it.


  • In the Site Details page, you can see MalCare is automatically scanning your website. Once the scan is complete, you’ll learn whether the site is clean or hacked.



Here is a quick video tutorial on how to redeem ByPeople-MalCare coupon code



If you have more questions about the ByPeople-MalCare Deal, kindly take a look at our ByPeople FAQ.

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