The Biggest Update to Have Happened To MalCare!

Jun 13, 2019

The Biggest Update to Have Happened To MalCare!

Jun 13, 2019

We, at MalCare, are constantly improving our tools to detect complex malware, breaches of the firewall or any suspicious content on our client sites.

We have been toiling hard for the past 6 months to bring the biggest upgrade to our Database malware detection algorithm.

We have also gone a step ahead and implemented one-click automatic malware removal for database malware (which was previously done manually by our team).

You may have experienced (or at least seen) multiple tabs opening up, or a warning from Google Ad-Sense alerting malware or even a significant drop in SEO rankings. These are definite signs of malware. Such malicious executable codes can go undetected even when scanned by the best of security plugins!

The new and powerful MalCare Database Scanner (that we have been testing since last few weeks) is powered by machine learning algorithms and detects even the most complex database malware (both known and unknown). Now, no malware can go undetected under our watch!

Now that you know what we have been up to, let’s take a look at how the latest Database scanner and cleaner works.

Step 1: Sign in to your MalCare dashboard

Step 2: You can either add a new website (click here for more information) or check the status of an existing website.

Step 3: If your website contains any Database malware, it will appear on your dashboard as shown below.

malcare dashboard

Database malware detected

Step 4: Click on ‘1 Database injections’ to view the malicious script.

database injection malware

Database malware

Step 5: To remove the malware, click on ‘Auto-clean’.

malcare auto clean

MalCare Auto Clean

Step 6: Enter your FTP credentials.  

malcare ftc creds

Insert FTP Creds

Step 7: MalCare’s auto cleaner will clear your website of any malicious content.

database malware clean

Cleaning database malware

Step 8: You can continue to monitor your website on the MalCare dashboard by clicking on ‘Return to Site Details Page’.

Step 9: You can monitor your website using the Dashboard.

site clean malcare

Your database is now clean!


So what are you waiting for? Try out MalCare for free now!!!

malcare database scanner
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