Website “Quarantined” by DigitalOcean?

Sep 5, 2018

Website “Quarantined” by DigitalOcean?

Sep 5, 2018

Did you know that it can take more than 6 months (or more) to get your SEO game back on track if your website has been shut down by your web host or blacklisted by Google? Chances are if you are here because your website was suspended, you found out about this the hard way.

A quick Google search will reveal that you are not alone. Web hosts like DigitalOcean seem like a boon and bane for every infected website. On one hand you find out that you have been hacked, on the other hand, you realize the consequences of a hacked website a little too late!

Google suspended


Consequences of a website Hack

  • Your website content displays ads for illegal drugs like Viagra.
  • Hackers are sending out spam emails from your server.
  • Hackers execute DDOS attacks using your site.
  • Hackers lock down the website demanding ransom.
  • Visitors might get infected because of downloading an infected document.
  • Google blacklists your site.
  • SEO is affected and your search ranking goes down.
  • Fewer future visitors due to warnings.
  • Website reputation and visitors/client/customer trust suffer.
  • Revenue suffers during downtime.
  • Loss of peace of mind.


account suspended

This message can set your heart racing. Contact DigitalOcean and let them know your “droplet” (for those of us unfamiliar with the term, that’s what DigitalOcean calls your own virtual private server where your website is hosted) has been suspended by them.

You will receive an email from their Support team.

Or something like this:

Sounds harsh? Well, you need to take every precaution in the rule book to ensure the safety and security of your website. Let us first take a look at the reason of website suspension or “quarantine”.

“Quarantine” or Suspension Causes

If any illegal activity occurs on your droplet, the droplet is “quarantined” to analyze the droplet. For example, a compromised droplet can actively attempt to access other servers. It very likely could be a part of a botnet. Since it is attacking other “droplets”, DigitalOcean will find your network compromised. You are responsible for every activity on your droplet and DigitalOcean, in the interest of its other “droplets”, will “quarantine” yours.

It is better for you to take care of your website before it is brought to DigitalOcean’s attention due to suspicious activities. They will further ask you for verification about the site they have “quarantined” before they can bring your site back. You had better keep all these details ready before you dive into the actual process of getting your site unlocked.

Steps to Prevent Suspension

Here, we have listed the exact steps and ways MalCare WordPress Security service can help you:

Update Safely

Vulnerable plugins or themes without security patches and improved scripts are unprotected. Hence they are responsible for a majority of successful hacks.

MalCare offers site management features where you’re alerted to out-of-date plugins, themes, and WordPress core. You only need to click a few buttons to update them from the MalCare dashboard itself.  Moreover, there are options to remove plugins and themes that you no longer want.

Back up Completely

Backups are an integral part of website security since they are the safety net a website falls to in case a hacker locks down your website instead of simply hacking it. Backups are also equally useful in recovering your website after a hack. These are just some scenarios where backups are important for a website. Of course, a restored website is only as good as the backup. If the backup is not complete, you will be restoring a broken website.

MalCare has the added functionality of being powered by BlogVault’s Powerful Backup Service. It doubles up as a backup service so that you are always protected and have access to your backups whenever you need them.

Scan Daily

Malware can strike your website anytime. If you want to be alerted to malware presence you need to scan your website for malware daily.

Other security plugins might send in false alerts. When signature matching is performed without verifying the nature of the threat the problem of false positive comes up. With MalCare, more than a hundred signals intelligently look for malware presence on your website. This is the AI technology that the application uses to look for malware. It has learned to look for the most complex and hard to detect malware by running it across 240,000+ sites.

At the same time, it automatically syncs your site to its servers on a daily basis and tracks any changes that are not supposed to be there. This helps to locate the malware in specific files, when it is detected.

Clean Quickly

At the Scanning stage itself, MalCare identifies the location of the malware. The hacked files are already listed down. MalCare removes these hacked files containing malicious code with One-Click.

An instant malware cleaning is something that is actually quite complicated in the real world, but MalCare manages it with great ease – for you, that is. Calling the security specialists and also expecting them to carry out the malware cleaning with no errors at all, can make you uncomfortable (Sharing website credentials? Malware re-infecting website and cleaning costs piling up? Manual errors popping up just after a clean?) but with MalCare neither time nor technical knowledge is an issue.

There are some more steps that you can follow to secure and protect your droplets in the future:

  1. Use SHH keys to access your droplets
  2. Set up a firewall
  3. Set up Login Protection
  4. Protect your website backend
  5. Configure fail2ban to protect your ssh server and/or change the port ssh is running on. Learn more – Protect SSH.

Try MalCare for better peace of mind.

Web hosts like DigitalOcean lock your account if site is under malware attack
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