Install MalCare to fix the site suspended by Go Daddy

GoDaddy Suspended Your Site? Here’s How to Fix it

It’s really upsetting when you try to visit or log into your website, but instead see a notice from GoDaddy saying, ‘This site has stepped out for a bit of error’ This means GoDaddy has temporarily taken your site offline. We want to stress that even though it seems really bad, it’s not the end…


Ultimate Guide To WordPress User Enumeration

As a developer setting up security measures or a new WordPress site owner learning about various ways to secure your site, you likely have concerns about user enumeration. It’s a vector through which attackers can glean usernames—a first step towards unauthorized access.  The stakes are high, as a compromised username list can lead to targeted…

WP content uploads

WP Content Uploads: A Complete Guide

Having a solid understanding of WordPress file structure is crucial to security your WordPress site—and the wp-content/uploads folder is a big part of that equation. This folder can be confusing for everyone, whether you’re a newbie trying to figure out where your uploaded content goes or an experienced user wrestling with managing the folder’s size…

wordpress force https

Force Redirect WordPress HTTP to HTTPS in 5 minutes

Are you tired of the dreaded “Not Secure” warning in your browser when you visit your WordPress site? If you’re looking to give your visitors a more secure and trustworthy browsing experience, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of redirecting your WordPress site from HTTP to HTTPS….

pharma hack removal

What is WordPress Pharma Hack & How to Clean it?

There is nothing more frustrating than finding out that your website is hacked. The important thing is to stay calm. We know how to resolve a pharma hack attack and we can show you how to do it for your WordPress website. That said, manually removing the WordPress Pharma hack is a complicated and time-consuming…

Web Host Security: How do Web Hosts Affect Website Security?

When you are building a website, you naturally look for a web host to run your site. But have you wondered what the role of these web hosts is, once your website is up and running? Are your web hosts responsible for your website security? Could they be the reason for a hack or malware…

What does WordPress malware do to your website performance?

In terms of website security, a hack is the big bad consequence of insufficient or no security that everyone wants to avoid. But before we get into how to secure your site, it is important to understand what happens if your website gets compromised. But Is it as bad as everyone says? The short answer…


How to Implement Cross-Site Scripting Prevention?

Are you worried about cross-site scripting attacks on your website? We wish we could tell you that there is nothing to worry about! But the fact is cross-site scripting attacks are very common. And it’s possible that your website will be affected by cross-site scripting attack sooner or later. In this type of attack, hackers…

BlogVault backup and restore

BlogVault backup and restore: A complete guide

A backup is a copy of your website that you may want to restore if your live site goes down. A ‘good’ backup is much more than that! In this article, we talk about what makes for a good backup, why web host backups are not enough, and how to choose the right plugin for…

is woocommerce secure

15 Best WooCommerce Security Tips To Keep Your Online Store Safe

Did you know that 29% of your website traffic has malicious intentions? It is undeniable that markets have largely moved online. There are over 12 million e-commerce stores on the internet, and around 1 million of them make over $1000 per month. But with the increased volumes of e-commerce, WooCommerce security issues have also increased….

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