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Our aim when we were working on MalCare, was to provide an easy, effective way to secure websites, and keep them safe from future attacks. We’ve put in three years of research and development, to build MalCare to be automated, and thorough.

Since it’s intuitive and easy to use, anyone can clean their website’s hacks with a single click… no need for technical know-how or assistance.

MalCare is the first automated, one-click hack scanner and cleaner of its kind.


We’re the guys behind BlogVault, a premium website backup service has helped back up and secure close to 90,000 WordPress sites.

Over time, our customers complained about the effects of website hacks: that their websites URLs redirected visitors to other pages, or that unwanted ads would display. In the worst cases, their sites got blacklisted by search engines.

The more this happened, the more we realized that hacking was a bigger problem than we thought it to be.

Since we had our customers’ sites backed up, we’d step in and try to figure out where the hack originated, and how to harden their sites so they’d be less vulnerable to future attacks.

We started taking a look at all the hack scanners and cleaning tools available but saw that they fell short in many ways: some raised too many false alarms, and others needed too much technical assistance. So we tried to work on something of our own. We took a look at all the data from the thousands of sites we helped out with and built algorithms and tools over three years. The more we researched and developed, the more we saw how complex hacks have become.

We tried to make MalCare a multi-dimensional hack scanner and cleaner that helped save our customers’ time, and be efficient. It gives zero false positives, can recognize the most complex hacks, and get them out, all with a single click.

MalCare is 10X better than any of the hack-scanning and cleaning tools available, and we’re only getting started.

MalCare is a product of Inactiv.com Media Solutions Pvt Ltd, based in Bangalore, India.

Inactiv was founded by Akshat Choudhary in 2007 with a completely different product. To know more about the founder, check out his LinkedIn profile.

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