WordPress Security for High Performance Websites

MalCare will keep your site secure without slowing it down. Get automatic malware scans, one-click malware removal and a real-time firewall for complete security of your website.

Instant Malware Removal before the damage is widespread

Clean all malware with the click of a button. You no longer need to wait for hours risking the hack to make situation worse

Find complex Malware wherever it is hidden

Our accurate malware scanner will check your entire site including files and database and find the most complex malware out there

Don’t let Google Blacklist your site or your webhost to suspend your site

We will automatically scan your site and alert you if it ever gets hacked so you can quickly fix the issue before it causes any major harm

Protect your website without slowing it down

Our servers do all the heavy lifting so your site can focus on serving your customers

Block hackers and brute-force attacks in real-time with firewall

The integrated Web Application Firewall(WAF) protects your site from hackers and bots. Our Threat Intelligence Network pushes rules and IPs in real-time to stop new attacks.

Receive alarms when a Vulnerable Plugin or Theme is detected

Patching vulnerable plugins or themes can greatly reduce the risk to your website. Receive alarms whenever a vulnerability is detected on your site.

Hackers can get your website suspended and damage your reputation

  • You are worried about your site getting hacked and your SEO being affected
  • Your site will get hacked and will not even know until it is too late.
  • You might have to wait for days to clean your website
  • Your website is constantly under attack from bots trying to crack your password
  • Your security plugin is slowing down your high performance website

“MalCare is a great product.

This is by far the easiest security, firewall, malware cleaner I’ve ever worked with. I’ve tried most other “similar” products. But this is my new standard solution to keep my web sites safe!.”

Daniel Nordmark

There are many security solutions out there…

… but they do not really protect your site and give you the peace of mind

You’ve tried:

Webhost Security

But it’s too time-consuming, complicated and stops you from achieving your full potential. You don’t want to put your clients’ sites at risk with inefficient management.

You’ve tried:

Security Plugins

But they are complex, slow down your website and are incredibly complex to setup. They do not really protect your website and offer no solution if the site gets hacked.

You’ve tried:

Cloud Firewalls

But they need you to mess around with DNS. They still do not protect the end point and if your site gets hacked, their scanner rarely catches the malware. to manage a site.

A Complete Security solution for your website which includes an integrated firewall, automatic malware scanner and instant malware cleaner

“Just fab, saved me few times already.”

Using this plugin for all my clients with a care plan. It has done a one-click malware removal nicely, and I’m using the backups every now and then when someone has messed up a site; very easy restore.

Marc Bijl,
‍Web Designer

Incredibly easy to setup with no manual configuration

Install the Plugin on your site

MalCare will automatically configure the plugin

Complete protection for your website

Some frequently asked questions

Do I need a WordPress security plugin?

MalCare is a comprehensive scanning and instantaneous malware cleanup and protection WordPress Security service. It constantly checks if site is hacked and alerts you immediately. If you care about protecting your website, then you need a security solution like MalCare.

Do I get support from the MalCare team if I have questions?

We offer 24/7 support to all our users—with fast, practical solutions to your problems and adequate answers to all your questions! We’re here to help.

Can I use MalCare if I’m just a beginner?

MalCare is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool, and doesn’t require any technical know-how. It automatically configures the best security for your site without any manual work.

Can MalCare save a website from brute force login attacks?

Yes. The security plugin can detect failed login attempts made on your website. It then takes attacks prevention measures.

Are there any free plans of MalCare?

Yes! MalCare has a free version that you can check out on our pricing page!

Does MalCare have country blocking features?

Yes. You can block Geographies and IP’s from MalCare dashboard.

Is MalCare compatible with Managed WordPress Hosting?

Yes we work with all managed WordPress hosts including WP Engine, Flywheel, Pantheon, Kinsta, GoDaddy, Cloudways and more. We significantly improve the security provided by these hosts.

Does MalCare work well with other security plugins?

Yes we are compatible with other security plugins such as WordFence, Sucuri, All-in-one Security, iThemes Security and more. However, MalCare is a complete security solution and typically other security plugins are not needed.

Does MalCare work with latest WordPress version?

Yes we are compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Does MalCare offer SSL certificates?

No, we do not offer SSL certificates.

Give your website 360 degree protection and get complete peace of mind

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