The Only WordPress Security Plugin with Instant WordPress Malware Removal

Our Auto-Clean Feature Cleans Your Website Without Waiting for Hours or Days!

No credit card required

The Only WordPress Security Plugin with Instant WordPress Malware Removal

Our Auto-Clean Feature Cleans Your Website Without Waiting for Hours or Days!

No credit card required

Trusted by Those Who You Trust!

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The Simplest WordPress Security Plugin.
Setup and Ready in 60 Secs.

The Simplest WordPress Security Plugin.
Setup and Ready in 60 Secs.

Scanner that will NEVER slow down your website.

MalCare scans the website on its own servers and hence, there is no load on your server resources. Your website will always run at peak speeds and you will not lose any visitors.

Fix a Hacked Website Instantly in <60 Seconds.

MalCare’s fully automated malware removal lets you get rid of all virus and backdoor forever. The Best part? Do it instantly without waiting for hours or days.

Real-time Protection from latest threats with our Smart Firewall.

MalCare uses collective intelligence from its network of websites to detect and block threats from hackers and bots in real time.

A Hidden Malware invites Google Blacklist & Webhost Suspension.

MalCare’s algorithms go beyond signature matching to detect even the most complex of hacks that generally go undetected in other popular security plugins.

Break the Malware, Not Your Website

MalCare’s hack removal process doesn’t delete entire files but surgically removes the identified malware without affecting the website.

No credit card required

Our Customers Speak for Us

I didn’t know my site was going to be blacklisted by Google because of a third party linking. MalCare helped me dodge that bullet safely and cleaned up my site right after.
Jennifer Carello

TechCare LLC

When you are backing up a site MalCare tells you if that site is infected & cleans it up for you. Another way for us web developers to save valuable time & resources! MalCare is magical.
Miriam Schwab

Illuminea and Strattic

There’s more than just Security with MalCare

Additional Features That Come FOR FREE with MalCare

MalCare has the perfect set of tools for:

  • Site Owners
  • Agencies
  • Developers
Check out the tools below that come FREE with MalCare to help you effortlessly manage your websites from a single dashboard.

Bulk Website Updates

Update plugins, themes, or core from MalCare Dashboard for a single or multiple websites.

WordPress Hardening

Easily configure the best security practices from within the dashboard.

Login Protection

MalCare has an inbuilt Captcha-based smart login protection.

Generate Client reports

Add value to your clients by giving them the right insights to grow their business.

White Label MalCare

White-label & rebrand our service to suit your requirements.

Team Collaboration

Use the dashboard to add team members, clients, & tags for all your websites.

No credit card required

The Perfect Add-On To Make it a One-stop Solution.

Get WordPress Backups and more Powered by BlogVault As an Add-On

Get All of BlogVault’s Powerful Features for a Fraction of a Cost.

  • Most reliable backup plugin
  • Only plugin with inbuilt staging.
  • The easiest migration solution.
  • The fastest recovery for websites.
  • And much more…

All of this bundled into one WordPress Management solution.

What makes MalCare the Best WordPress Security Plugin?

Detects Malware That Others Ignore

Developed on analyzing 240,000+ websites with 100+ signals to identify complex malware.

One-Click Automatic Malware Removal

Take immediate action against malware without any delay or external help.

No Technical Knowledge Needed

Automated steps to ensure everything you need is only a click away.

Support That People Swear By

We have an agile and fully responsive customer support system for everyone.

No credit card required

We Love Our Customers & They Love Us Back

I do believe that MalCare is one of the best options out there for those who manage and secure multiple WordPress websites.


MalCare is by far the easiest security, firewall, malware cleaner I’ve ever worked with. It is my new standard solution to keep my sites safe!
Daniel Nordmark

Yodapp AB

360° Comprehensive WordPress Security Plugin

Daily Automatic Scan

Automatic deep scans that detect complex malware, viruses, and malicious code on your site.

Deep Malware Scan

Find Complex WordPress Malware that go undetected in other security plugins. Algorithms that go beyond signature matching.

One-Click Malware Clean

Now, clean your hacked WordPress website in a click without waiting for hours.  No delays. No human errors.

Most Effective Firewall

Block bad IPs and malware bots from entering your WordPress website. Reap security benefits from Day 1.

Brute Force Attack Prevention

Automatic Login protection from hackers or bots powered with a powerful captcha system.

WordPress Site Hardening

Secure your WordPress site by enabling the recommended WordPress Security best practices right from the MalCare dashboard.

Minimal False Alarms

No more unnecessary panic. MalCare alerts you only when it is 100% sure of a WordPress virus on your site.

Manage Plugins & Themes

Centrally Update all Plugins, Themes, and WordPress Core to effortlessly manage multiple WordPress websites.

Tracks Smallest File Changes

Changes in every File, Table, Comment, Page and Plugins are automatically tracked so you save hours of debugging.

Timely Email Alerts

Get notified via email when something needs your attention so you can take instant action to protect your site.

White-Label To Growth

Re-brand the MalCare plugin or hide it completely from your website. Be the only face customers know. We’ll handle the rest.

One Minute Auto-Install

Get started in less than 60 seconds. Waste no time in protecting your WordPress website from malware and hackers.

Go Beyond Signature Matching

We do not rely on signature matching. We use 100+ Intelligent Signals to detect even the most complex WordPress malware and viruses.

Team Play Is Fun

Work closely with your Team and Clients for effective and efficient WordPress site Management.

Customer Support

We are with you every step of the way. We aren’t saying it, our customers are.

No credit card required

Questions you might be asking about our WordPress security plugin

What are the best WordPress security services?
MalCare is one of the best free security plugin for WordPress. There are several other security services available out there. Take the look at some of the most popular WordPress security plugins:
Wordfence plugin free or Wordfence security plugin pro

      • Shield security
      • Sucuri security
      • WPScans
      • All-in-one WP security & firewall
      • All in one security plugin in WordPress
      • iThemes security
      • Bulletproof security etc.

These are all popular WordPress plugins that can handle WordPress security issues.

How does MalCare premium version differ from a WordPress plugin scanner online?
Check how the MalCare pro version plugin compares with the free version here. You can use MalCare Free plugin to scan for WordPress vulnerability on your websites. MalCare Security Service also has features that’ll help in protecting your website.
I'm on managed WordPress hosting. Can I use MalCare?
Yes, you can.
Does MalCare come with two-factor authentication?
Yes. MalCare has in-built two-factor authentication.
Does MalCare have country blocking features?
Yes. You can block Geographies and IP’s from MalCare dashboard.
What are the MalCare premium plans?
For information on premium plans, check out MalCare’s Pricing page.
I have a security question. How do I ask?
Please contact us. We’ll reply you as soon as possible and help you secure your website.
What is MalCare's Captcha-based protection?
It works like Google’s reCAPTCHA. Using Captcha, MalCare verifies that you are a human and not a bot making too many failed login attempts.
Can MalCare save a website from brute force login attacks?
Yes. The security plugin can detect failed login attempts made on your website. It then takes attacks prevention measures.
Does MalCare Security Service also provide backups?
MalCare provides backup powered by BlogVault for your entire site. This includes database backup and real-time backup for WooCommerce sites.
How can I know more about MalCare and WordPress security in general?

We are glad to have peaked your intrest. Check out our HTML Sitemap to know more about everything we have to offer.

Do I need a WordPress security plugin?
MalCare is a comprehensive scanning and instantaneous cleanup and protection WordPress Security service. It constantly checks if site is hacked and alerts you immediately. If you care about protecting your website, then you need a security solution like MalCare.
Will MalCare need my login URL to secure my site?
Does MalCare offer SSL certificates?
Does MalCare have DDOS attacks protection?
No, not yet.
Is there a MalCare WordPress malware scanner online version available?
Yes, it does have a free version that scans and protects your site. Check out MalCare Free plugin.
Is MalCare compatible with backup plugins?
MalCare is compatible with all plugin and themes. It’ll work even if you have another backup plugin or even a security plugin installed on your site. If you want to use MalCare, here’s a guide that’ll help you – How to Install MalCare Security Service?
I can't access MalCare user account, what do I do?
What is the full feature list for MalCare security pro?
The following security measures are MalCare’s security features:

      • Security Scanner
      • Malware Cleaner
      • Website Firewall
      • Site Management
      • Site Security Hardening
      • White-labeling and Client Reporting
      • Uptime Monitoring and Performance Check
      • Integrated Backups by BlogVault

The Web Application Firewall can block brute force attacks. The firewall rules keep track of live traffic. And the Site Management feature makes WordPress User management really easy. BlogVault provides even database backups, and also real-time backups for WooCommerce sites. MalCare Scanner performs security scanning and checks any file change on your website. That is how it immediately knows when some suspicious files are added.

As you can see, MalCare also comes with many additional features apart from security. Check out our blog for WordPress security tips.

Isn't using strong passwords be enough for login security?
In spite of strong passwords, hackers and bots can still force login to your website. A WordPress firewall is perfect for login attack prevention. After some failed login attempts, firewall activates the CAPTCHA-based login lockdown. Overcoming the lockdown is impossible for bots because bots can’t read CAPTCHA.
Does MalCare work with the latest WordPress version?
Yes. It does.

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